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February 16, 2012

cooking at home

 I might just be the only woman in america who hasn't been lured into the kitchen by pinterest
Seriously, I don't cook.
It's Matthew's job.
But he spent the better part of yesterday afternoon in the emergency room after a nasty stumble while running on the slippery trail along the river.
Crutches and an air cast later, he was an invalid laid up in bed.
By 5:00 I realized I had to step up to plate.
So I whipped up my specialty: grilled cheese and tomato soup.
But you'll find no fancy recipe here.
Just read the back the campbell's soup can.
(use milk not water, you'll thank me later)
Sometimes simple is enough.
Especially if you make it look pretty, that's my favorite part.



  1. We love some Campbells soup around here. And yes milk makes such a big difference! Love your anthropologie bowl. I have the pink one but use it for jewelry!

  2. Oh no! That is such a bummer :( I'll be praying he heals quickly. Man, you're going to have to get a portable burner and move it to the bed or couch so he can keep cooking :D

  3. I love that bowl... (guessing Anthro). I am contemplating getting the ones at C. Wonder.

  4. I know I don't have to tell you how lucky you are that your husband can cook. Mine will run the grill, but that's it!!!
    I love the classic tomato soup with grilled cheese! Today it's rainy and nasty, that would be such a good lunch!

  5. Lol! This makes me feel better. I too haven't been lured to the kitchen via Pinterest. I also can handle grilled and soup. Can't beat a classic!

  6. Girl, I am so like you! I never cook! But man, this grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup look amazing! I hope your hubby recovers soon. :)



  7. I feel like an idiot for never thinking to add milk to my tomato soup. DUH! Hope your hubby has a speedy recovery! :)

  8. ooops, that's what i get for walking away mid comment and coming back and hitting publish. So sorry to hear about matthew! hope he gets beer stat (for you really...).


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