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lovely (an update)

February 6, 2012

"This looks lovely"

Wonderful words to hear from your 1 month old's cardiologist.

Thank you all so much for your sweet support this morning.
I was going bananas waiting for our appointment.

I am THRILLED to report that sweet Tag's heart is lovely.
And healthy.

He has a t-shaped vein that is supposed to be y-shaped.
It's causing the blood to make a sharp right turn as it passes through his heart causing a loud whooshing sound *

It's not a problem and will gradually bend itself into proper shape over the next few months.


*{this is my non-medical regurgitation of facts, go ask your own cardiologist for more info if you think part of your heart is shaped like the wrong letter or is making u-turns where it should yield or other or traffic violations}

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  1. Wonderful news! Can't imagine your relief.

  2. Great news!! Love the disclaimer. :)

  3. Whooo Hoooo!!! So happy little Tag is A ok!

  4. Thank the Lord!! Answered prayers. XO

  5. Thank the Lord! I was praying for you two! xoxo!

  6. So glad that sweet boy is ok. It is so nerve wracking when the little ones have issues!

  7. Phew! I just started following your blog this week (I love it btw) and I am so glad to hear he's okay!

  8. Oh my goodness Julia, what a relief!!! Thank you Lord.

  9. So happy and relieved for you guys!!! Was saying my prayers all day. I hope you are doing ok.

  10. Yay!! Such wonderful news!! Thanks for keeping us posted!! And I am in love with that picture of the heart!! xoxo

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  12. Wonderful news! So happy to hear he's ok!


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