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February 10, 2012

mom outfit

Anyone who's seem me lately knows this has pretty much been my daily staple.
Comfortable and lots of layers for this crazy up and down weather we've been having.
Perfect for the park or the grocery store.
Does anyone go any more fabulous than running errands?
Tell me about it so I can live vicariously through you.



  1. I think that is a cute outfit! I am stupid and still wear my siik blouses daily. I refuse to sacrifice my style even though now my drycleaning bill is sky high bc Sterling loves to wipe his snotty on me every single day. Along with his sticky fingers. btw your table turned out amazing!! Love it!

  2. I am with you...leggings are my best friend! Oh and those Saturday pants from Jcrew, can't live without them!

  3. Ummm if I'm not at work I'm def less glamorous then this... think an old college tee-shirt and leggings. Its not good haha!

    btw, your gold table is AMAZING!


  4. Between peanut butter and snotty noses wiped on me daily, my "mom outfit" is not anywhere near as glamorous as this one...although I did hit the Loft yesterday for some cute Spring clothes for the weekends!!

  5. What's that bag?? Love!

  6. Which leggings! I see some girls in the too much spandex ones, you know what I mean? You can see the shimmer and stretch? I need a good pair of thick black ones!!! I once saw a full ass in some see through black lovely.

  7. im far, far, so far from being a mom, but i LOVE this outfit. {i love most of the outfits you post though!} hope you have a great wknd.


  8. I'm not a mom but this is basically my outfit too. Mommy in the making. Love that handbag.

  9. I'm a new mom (to a beautiful six-week-old boy, Jacob) and I swear you took a photo of the clothes in my closet and posted them! Except the chic handbag needs to be replaced by my duffle-sized, overflowing Marc Jacobs diaper bag!


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