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February 15, 2012

No-Sew storage ottoman cover

Maybe it's because I've decided to quit making people for a while, or the large chunks of time I've spent cooped up in my house, but, I've been feeling the need to make stuff lately.  
Enter Wells' pink and green storage ottoman, leftover fabric from the living room curtains {Waverly Crosshatch in charcoal}, and a staple gun.


 I basically just measured and cut and then wrapped it like a present securing with the staple gun.
I stapled right overtop of the existing cover so that I could return it to Wells' room easily in the future.
No sew and no frills.
It's the perfect place to store all of Tag's blankets and lovies in our living room.
I'm thinking of hot gluing some trim to give the edges a more finished look.

Total time: one and a half nap times.
Total cost: nothing


  1. Great DIY ! Some sparkle might look fun in the form of polished silver naiheads ? It looks great as is :)))

  2. Sweet DIY! I want to grab some fabric and start stapling everything in sight!

  3. I only have one kid and can't even find time to buy groceries and you have two and are DIY-ing it up. You are officially my hero and I'm coming to live with you. Don't worry - I'll bring champagne. :)

  4. I love that fabric. I actually have it bookmarked for some chairs.

    Great DIY project.

  5. That looks great! And free... You know I love that ;)

  6. Girl you and your nap time projects never cease to amaze me. I can hardly sew a button. Yep I am so not crafty wish I was. I think I just get lazy and would rather watch trash reality tv. The ottoman looks awesome and love the fabric!

  7. Looks Great! I am so tempting to go out and find an ottoman (or two) now that I can make over!

  8. It looks great! I have a really ugly ottoman that I think needs special, uh, "treatment" like this :)

  9. You are so talented! I think it would taken me 10 nap times to make it look as good as you did. Love that fabric!

  10. Amazing!! You are giving me soooo much inspiration with all these DIY's lately!! LOVE this....

  11. um how have i not thought of this before?! fabulous idea!

  12. Oh no you di-ent!!! You did that with just a staple gun?!?! So looks great! and you know I love that fabric...since I hosed down my bookcases in the pink colorway! ;)

  13. great DIY..LOVE


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