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February 13, 2012

Pink & Red

Happy Monday lovelies.
Is everyone ready for the luuuuurve fest tomorrow?
Valentine's Day seems like the perfect time to break into the pink & red color-block craze I've been eyeing.
Do y'all have fun plans?
This outfit is entirely too fantastic to waste on take-out and my couch.
I might let my husband convince me to go out somewhere schmancy to celebrate.
We'll see.
Aren't all holidays mostly just about what you get to wear?



  1. I've been dreaming of those pink pumps for some time now, lol. They are so cute!!! And your outfit just makes me want them even more!

  2. I vote you go out somewhere schmancy! Love this outfit :-)


  3. Well crap! I seriously had it in my head it was Wed!!! Not that i'll be doing anything special, we're going with the couch and takeout option this year :)

  4. I seriously love that outfit in a major way. But my Vday will be spent at home so I guess I have no need to get dolled up! Thats what happens when you have been togather 11 years!

  5. I think you deserve a nice dinner out! Since I adore pink+red, to me there really is nothing more fabulous than a pink and red colorblocked outfit. That clutch is so adorable!

  6. Beautiful! I think we're doing a family Vday tomorrow night. We went to the Avett Brothers concert last night.

  7. LOVE! Totally have my pink + red outfit planned for tomorrow... can't wait!

  8. cropped pants make me happy--and pink ones even more so! LOVE this whole outfit :) so thrilled to have you linking up for Friday's Fancies! Happy almost Valentine's Day! xoxo {av}

  9. I want those pink jeans! Don't worry I don't have any schmancy plans either my husband has a business trip so I'll be having a solo v-day!

  10. Great outfit! I totally relate to the mom outfit though, that made me chuckle. Fill us all in on if you went scmantzy!


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