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March 1, 2012


What's your opinion on actually storing books on bookshelves?

I tend to use books as decoration and as elevation in a table scape.  My husband has one bookshelf all to himself right by our computer and it's the complete opposite.  Real books are actually really being stored there.  En masse.  And I think I kinda like it.

Bookshelf full of books


Book-free shelves



  1. I love books. I love walking into a home and seeing walls of books! That being said, I also love your bookcase with the light blue backgound and decorative items. It is simply beautiful. I think there is room for both- some cubbies with decor, some with books. I'm sure whatever you decide to do will look great.

  2. I like the intrigue of books- they are definitely a fun way to decorate a room! I think I like your shelves best, though, that include other elements like the glasses and starfish. So pretty! But hey, I guess a guy's gotta have his bookshelf! :)

  3. Guys are so practical! I like a blend of both, some books and then other items that I treasure 'styled up' in a nice display. Of course I'm girlie so I like the look of the second set of photos! Have a great day.


  4. I like a mix of both, but with a bit more books. I just recently redid our built-ins in our tv room and found that color coding them added some fun as well.

  5. Love books on bookshelves...especially pretty old books.

  6. I think I like them decorated best personally - those last two images are beautiful!

  7. Just found your blog thru Inspired by Felicity's feature and I am SOO happy I did!! :) Your home is wonderful!

  8. You ate a shelf styling wizard!! Those are gorgeous!

  9. I prefer your styling, although a love a mix of books and accesories/pictures/etc on shelves! I think your husband and my boyfriend would get along well--they both have a big collection of decoys!

  10. My hubby and I argue about this ALL the time. I even wrote a blog post about it in February, stating my opinion that bookshelves are for knick-knacks, photos and other pretty things...not, GASP, books.

    We have a tiny city condo (plus a new baby) so I tell him we have to room for all his crap. Um, I mean books. My man is in desperate need of a Kindle.


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