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March 26, 2012

Mad Men Monday

Season Five premiered last night and it kinda makes me okay with waiting for Season Three of Downtown Abbey.
Let's dish
It was okay.
Not quite as awesome as I was expecting.
I was hoping to be a bit more inspired by the decor at Don & Megan's pad.
Or the clothes
Or something.
I'm also pretty much over laid back Don.
He needs to get a martini and get his attitude back.
I like him snappy.
{PS-That's me with the big bow, have you Mad Men'd yourself yet?}

Also, I need some prayers for my friend's little baby boy Patrick.  He's just two weeks younger than Tag and was checked into MCV over the weekend and is being prepped for abdominal surgery this morning.
He has a 15 month old sister at home and my friend will seriously have her hands full.

Also, Tag has another little special appointment at Children's Hospital this morning for some problems with his neck and head.
I don't anticipate it being anything too serious, but in need of attention all the same.



  1. It might just be my short attention span but I felt like there was a commercial every 2 minutes. That aside, I enjoyed it still and totally agree the laid back Don needs to go.

    I hope everything goes well at Tag's appt!

  2. I'm sorry to hear about your friend's child. I'll definitely be thinking about him. And also sending warm wishes that Tag's appointment goes well. I thought Mad Men was good, but a bit lackluster, or maybe it's because I've gotten so spoiled by Downton Abbey!

  3. I totally agree with you about last night's episode. But I'm so happy it's finally back!

  4. I have it on my dvr for when I get home from work. And laid back Don just is not fun!

  5. Thinking of your sweet friend and baby tag! Keep us updated :-)


  6. I'm with you on Mad Men, it was not as amazing as I had hoped, though Joan was amazing as ever. I loved Megan at the end of season 4, but wasn't loving her last night. I want the old betty back!

  7. Oh sweetie I'll be thinking about you all!

  8. I agree, not as exciting as I had hoped. Prayers to Tag and Patrick!

  9. Loving your Mad Men character- so cute!! I will be praying both for Tag and for Patrick. :)

  10. Hehehe, I totally love the Mad Men-ing going on! My hubby is way in to that show...I'm in to the fashion and interior design (c: Sending hugs and prayers your way...busy indeed!


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