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Real life {can you relate}

March 14, 2012

 This is real life.
Capturing things with camera phones and not just fancy lenses.
Even when your baby looks like he's got a mohawk and your toddler is pantsless.
But sometimes, when she thinks no one is watching, Wells sneaks up on Tag and loves on him.
And it melts my heart in a serious way.
And it's GORGEOUS outside again today so that's all I've got for ya.
I'm taking my kids and going for a much begged for walk.
Of course saying yes is a whole lot easier when Starbucks is just around the corner! 
So we're off to put on pants and live our life.
Our real life.

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  1. Oh. My. Gosh Julia! Those pictures of Wells loving on Tag are seriously the sweetest thing EVER. Heart melting for sure. I'm so hoping these clouds clear up this morning because we too desperately need to get out and run some energy off at the park. Enjoy your fabulous day :)

  2. Love it! Real life is much more beautiful than Pinterest (sometimes....) ;)

  3. precious big sister..the finger in the mouth..she's adorable and I love his Mohawk..that baby has swagger!

  4. Real life makes me feel better about my life. Sweet pictures of your beautiful children.

  5. They are just the sweetest! I love these shots. Have a lovely walk, dear!



  6. We have pantless mornings (days?) around here too. Looks like life is real good on your end. So sweet.

  7. This just melted my heart. And if it makes you feel better Sterling is usually pant less and now at nap he ditches the diaper too. Typical man likes to let it all hang out. Gotta love real life. Btw can't believe how big Tag is getting he is just gorgeous!

  8. Love these pics, too cute! Now I'm craving my iced green tea and Starbucks, sadly, is not walking distance!!

  9. Such sweet pictures... I know how you feel, pretty much... My youngest a. has an actual mohawk, and b. is always naked (even though it's less appropriate at his age of 3 1/2).

  10. Here's to REAL and HAPPY life. Beautiful post.

  11. Oh my gosh, they are adorable, Julia!
    Pants free, babies with mohawks, and sweet real life - beautiful things. Enjoy.

  12. You have an absolutely adorable real life! And with babies like those too you should be having one every year!! LOL (you might not love that idea...I know...) Cheers, AnaA

  13. TOO adorable! Real life is good! :) Happy Spring!

  14. Love it!!! That is real life for ya!!! My almost two year old boy walks around all day with his jon jon unsnapped and one shoe on. I give up come 2:00:) Your children are precious!!!

  15. Precious pictures! You are so blessed with two beautiful children. xoxo Rhonda

  16. Love the little mohawk!! Do you need a babysitter, haha? They're such cuties!


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