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scenes from our house

March 20, 2012

Tag can lift his head up and Wells couldn't be more excited about it.
Everyone slept through night last night.
Even Tag went from 9-7.
It was amazing.
Wells boycotted her nap yesterday for the first time ever.
Someone please tell me this isn't a phase or lord a mercy a start to the ending of naps altogether.
I've got a quick update on the entryway for y'all later today if little buggie agrees to her nap today.
Otherwise this might be all you get!

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  1. Such cute babies. I love Wells outfit~

  2. Ahhh they are so precious, esp love Well's outfit!

  3. Ah yes... the nap boycot. That's a sure fire way to send a momma over the edge. I FREAKED out the first time Izzy did.

  4. Your children are so adorable!! Love the pink boots!

  5. So pretty. Love those boots.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Enjoy your day Julia!

  6. I wouldn't be surprised if the nap boycotting is due to little bro's presence...she feels like she's missing out. It happens! Love your blog, been following a while. I'm in Charleston, actually have hung out with Chassity of Look Linger Love a few times over the last 5 years or so...lots of mutual buddies :) www.justhadabrightidea.blogspot.com

  7. What beautiful babies!

  8. Cute kids! Loving the pink boots :)

    Quiet Luxury

  9. There is too much cuteness going on at your house!

  10. They are both so cute! Good luck with nap time today :)

  11. Freaking adorable kids. I think Sterling and Wells would make a great couple:) Dont worry about the nap thing Sterling did that a few times too but he still takes an afternoon nap. Just a phase!

  12. Duuuuude. I'm jealous. I'm going to tell Fletcher and try to peer pressure him.

    Cute babies.

  13. Could they be any cuter?? Gahh... presh!

  14. Oh my goodness Julia! You and Matt make some pretty stunning babies. Kinda got me thinkin' about #2......kinda.....sorta.

  15. Super-cute kids. Seriously. As for the naps, my 2 year old tried to drop his a while back. I thought we were done for good, but now, 10 days shy of turning 3, he's back into good naps (most days). Good luck!
    PS - love the blog.


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