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March 27, 2012

Small updates for a big impact

Jamie Meares showed us how to style a sofa over on Glitter Guide and I pinned it.
Chassity talked about implementing ideas and not just pinning them over at LookLingerLove.
Jill Sorenson at LiveLikeYou discussed why you're home should be a direct reflection of you.

Good advice, and today I'm listening to these talented ladies. 
 I finally framed two more pieces of my art that I love even though I'm not sure they're perfect for the space forever.  They reflect what I love right now and I like them and they make me happy.
I also tossed my dotted scarf from Target over the back of the sofa like a throw.  
It instantly updated the look and feels much more "me".
(here's the link the scarf but it can only be purchased in stores)

Have y'all done anything simple (or drastic) to make your space feel more "you" lately instead of just dreaming about it?

Oh and updates.
Most importantly, my friend's little baby boy made it through his hours long surgery like a champ.
He'll be in the hospital through the end of the week recovering from such a major surgery and I know he and his family could use the extra prayers.

And Tag officially has Torticollis which is causing plagiocephaly.  
Basically his neck muscle is too short on one side causing him to drastically favor that side which in turn causes the flat spot on his head.

Sounds like it's nothing serious at all just a major pain in the butt.
Weekly PT and stretches at home with every diaper change.

I REALLY appreciate those of you who already have shared your experiences with me and welcome any advice or information from anyone else who's dealt with this.


  1. Love it! Where did you find the frames? I am looking for a similar one to frame a piece of Sarah Swanson's abstract art. You make me want more pink in my house!

  2. Your art looks beautiful! I am loving pink right now! I would love to toss my pillows in my living room and start over! I may just do that!

  3. I love all the pink too! Thinking of Tag and you - just something else to add to your daily to-do list. Life as a mother is crazy and is never complete.

  4. The pink art is too pretty!!! I really need to get painting because your gray walls also look lovely!

  5. Glad your friend's child is doing ok and that you know for sure what's up with Tag. Love your art and the extra accents in your home. It's amazing that something so simple can make a lovely new focal point.

  6. I got really excited and about asked you where you got that throw before you said it was a scarf. It looks amazing. Your blog is so cute!

  7. My daughter had torticollis as well. She is almost 5 now! From age 3 months to 12 mos, we had a standing weekly PT appt, in addition to the stretches at home. It was a "hassle" however, shes perfectly perfect now. She leaned to her right, which made her favor her left side and is left handed, we believe, as a result. You'll get through it!

    She did have some minor placiophely as a result, and we did consult a plastic surgeon specializing in plagiocephaly, and her's was minor and did not require a helmet. Once her hair grew in, it was no longer noticeable.

  8. Good for you! Love that scarf xoxo

  9. I really like the gold frames. Nice.


  10. I love your updates! I finally got a shower curtain that I've been dreaming of, and I think that I'll be updating the bathroom just a little (we rent and the husband doesn't like for me to get too carried away). It's the small changes that count. I'm glad that both boys are okay, even though the journey is just beginning.

  11. Ok you... start an etsy shop! You are way too talented to not share with the rest of us :-)

  12. yes i agree with Eileen. you can sell your art for $$$ however, i expect a BFF discount.

  13. How old is Tag? Henry at torticollis and had to wear a helmet for 3 months. I was a mess before he got it, but it ended up not being a big deal at all and at time, I was thankful for the helmet given that he was sliding and banging into stuff learning to crawl. The stretches suck because you can't explain to him that it's for his own good. I know I might get chastized for this, but around 5 months I started laying Henry on his tummy to sleep and it helped it head a bit. Keep me posted - I've been there!! Love the pink prints!!

  14. Love the updates! Just wanted to share that my daughter has torticollis and plagio as well. We've been doing pt for about two months now and her tilt has improved. It's so nice to see some improvent and know that the stretches and excersizes work. Hang in there! I know it's tough to add another thing to the routine. One thing we did was purchase the baby moon pillow and boppy noggin nest to take the pressure off the back of her head. Both are available on amazon. Pottery Barn Kids also has the noggin nest with more attractive fabric options. I feel like the pillows helped keep her flat spot from getting any worse.

  15. Yes to the Etsy shop for your art and you should have sales on your blog. For sure.

  16. Love your art! The frames are beautiful and look fabulous on the wall!

  17. Love what you did with your living room!!! Your framed art looks beautiful in the space! I think you ought to keep it there. What a great idea to use a scarf/wrap on the back of your sofa-instant impact!!

  18. Where did you get your gold frames? The room looks great!

  19. Dude, I'm sick of you sneaking in gorgeous art pieces that you're painting yourself and that's all we get. You need to start selling these babies. I know it might seem scary, but do it. Where did you find the frames? Can always use inexpensive cute frames. And that scarf looks awesome. You know how I feel about Tag, and I'm so happy to hear your friend's baby is doing okay. Lastly, thanks for the shout out sweet stuff :)
    Geesh that was a long comment.

  20. Really would love to buy your art...framed just like that. Etsy is calling you!
    Feeling great ('s never perfect) about living room pillows. I have an addiction to daily sale sites and finally decided on some (2) pillows for sofa. Only took 5 sites a day times a year to get to this point! Simple fix (lots of wasted time!). What if there's something better?! :-)
    Here's to health to you and yours!

  21. So happy to hear your friend's baby came through surgery well. Will continue to send prayers their way. I remember Izzy's doctor mentioning Tag's condition. Good to know what's causing it and that it can be worked through with some PT.

    I'm so into your art Julia! It's so beautiful. I've never asked you, but I've always wondered, how you got into painting your own pieces? Oh, and please come and redecorate my house for me. Every time I see yours it makes me want to start fresh :D

  22. First off, I've had friends who have had to deal with the same thing and everything is great now! Your little man will definitely be in my prayers!
    And second, I agree with everyone else that said you should sell those beauties! Seriously. And where did you get those gold frames?!

  23. Another reader dying to know where you got the frames! Love the updates!


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