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April 4, 2012

camera phone dump & guest post

So I'm over at sadie + stella this morning showing where I like to hang out.
I'll give you a hint

And I found another pair of fabulous pink pants I wanted to share with y'all.
They are Paige Denim and only $69 at TJMaxx.
They're a little bit more raspberry so not sure how I feel about them for summer.
But the fit was incredible.  I had to go up a size, which is not my favorite, but I think they created a smoother look than the Limited pants.
What do you think, too reddish for spring?
Remember I said I was going to try out mixing prints?
I'm starting sloooooowly with striped shirts and a patterned scarf.
Baby steps.
And I found the most amazing colored duct tape at Lowes.
I can't even imagine the craftiness I'm going to get into with these.
Any ideas?



  1. Like the pants! Hope you bought them.

  2. Love the pink jeans. Might have to drag S to TJmaxx today. You look super skinny too my friend, baby weight= gone! Also love the mixed patterns and that hot pink duct tape needs to happen around here!

  3. ohh I love those pants, and I think the color is perfect.

  4. Colored skinnys are my fav for spring! Ohhhh the duct tape!

  5. Love the pants and the color, and the styling on your coffee table!

  6. You are so freaking skinny. I want to take that hot pink duct tape and tape you to a tree and throw burgers at you.

  7. I love the pants and vote yes for spring. How fun is that duck tape! I might have to grab some :-)

  8. I love these pants!! I found some cute ones at Urban Outfitters the other day too if you are interested. The link is for pink. They also have coral and mint in a high-rise skinny.

  9. Excuse me!!! Didn't you just have a baby!?!? You are TINY!!! Love the pants!!!

  10. AHHH..were those Paige jeans at the RICHMOND TJ Maxx? I tried on the exact same pair at Marshall's, but they didn't fit. I might have to venture to TJ Maxx and see if they have my size!

  11. Oh I love those pink pants. They look great on you!

  12. Great feature at Sadie and Stella! Love your house!

  13. I bought some raspberry ones at Ann Taylor when they had 40% off one day.....I have almost worn them every day:)


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