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April 6, 2012

Easter Outfits

So this year I'm thinking about forgoing the typical Easter pastels in favor of brights.
I'm taking my cues from the starburst jelly beans that will hopefully be swimming in my easter basket come Sunday.
What are y'all going to wear to Easter?

outfit one
outfit two
outfit three

Also, everyone on facebook has already seen these but I thought I'd share some pictures from Wells' first Easter Egg Hunt here in Richmond.
*disclaimer, Matthew wanted me to add that it's really hard to keep linen pants ironed*

 She totally did not get the whole concept of searching for eggs
Sweet Tag slept through the whole thing, like always!

 And my personal favorite, her sweet dance moves.  
Girl knows how to rock out to a live band.
Drop Drop it like it's hot...
And of course, she spotted the "toot toot car" and had to take it for a spin with my mom!



  1. Needing the sources for your outfits! Adoring each and every one of them. Love your little girl. She is hilar!

  2. Your entire family is beyond gorgeous! Happy Easter!

  3. Oh my gosh, adorable! Looks like grandma has serious style too!

  4. I got caught up in kid cuteness and momentarily forgot about the gorgeous dresses. Those have me totally rethinking my outfit. No. 2 and No. 3 are screaming for me to wear them!

  5. I want every single one of those dresses! And they're adorable, so is your mom!

  6. I love that blue dress! And - your kiddos are precious! Have a great Easter!

  7. Okay, I want your daughter's dress! How sweet! Happy Easter!

  8. Love the hot pink dress. Bless Matt linen pants are a pain to keep unwrinkled. Wells and Tag are the prettiest babies ever, seriously! And Sterling likes to drop it like its hot too- where do they learn that??

  9. her smocked dress!! Happy Easter!

  10. What an adorable dress! just discovered your blog and love your sense of style! Can't wait to start following and read more.

  11. Omg too cute! I love that little pink polka dot dress!

  12. Ok, seriously those easter outfits you paired together are all amazing! I just spent 15mins pinning most of the pieces. And what a cute little girl. Love her polka dot dress.

  13. Wells and Tag are absolutely the cutest!! Hope you had a wonderful Easter!

  14. Wells is too cute. I love her facial expressions!


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