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April 27, 2012

faux fiddle fig tree

Try saying that three times fast!
So I know everyone and their mom is on the fiddle fig tree train.
And I love it too, but I don't do real plants.
Not so much a won't but a can't.
Add in a toddler and I'm not sure this is even smart.
But just look at them, they're awesome!

 But what if I told you this last one is faux???
It's from Alice Lane Home, one of my most favorite store blogs ever.  I would seriously consider planning a trip out to Utah just to hang out in the store for a day!
You can also buy them here.
i'm sold.



  1. I love a faux plant as much as the next girl. I too, do not do real plants. Fake all of the way. Getting. One.

  2. I love her store too! I live in Utah so I can go anytime I am up there...hehe. I did a post on how to care for live ones this week! I personally think live but these look like really good quality for faux!

  3. I'm a huge fan of Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees!!! Dying to get one or two for our house but they are so hard to track down-I guess because they are all the rage!!! Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. fig trees are the perfect accent to any room! i just LOVE them! they are like that amazing go to purse in your closet that you can dress up or down with any outfit :) Hugs form California! xx,
    The Golden Girls

  5. Wow! They look great! Everyone is talking about this tree this week! I love the big shape of the leaves.

  6. I want one so bad - I'm such a follower :D I've been trying to track one down near me, so far no luck. I'm no good with real plants either so maybe it's better for the tree that I haven't found one. Eager to see where you put yours!

  7. I have always had a love-hate relationship with plants so maybe I should have gone the faux route with my fiddle...... Ha! Have a great weekend!

  8. I love that second picture...everything about it!

  9. This is pretty genius. I have been wanting a Fiddle Fig too but i kill everything, even Orchids which are supposed to be easy maintence!

  10. I am desperately trying to keep mine alive. I say every day right to those big leaves " I dare you to die sucker". So far it is working. Plant intimidation :)

  11. Yes I am hoping to jump on the Fiddle fig tree in a few months! I love them... your faux find is perfect!


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