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April 26, 2012

rainy day clothes

So this rain is a killin' me softly this week.
And I know I'm not the only one.
Anyone with kids, pets, or an aversion to being soggy is with me on this one.
Where did that sweet warm and sunny weather go?
Anyway, just thought y'all might like a little help picking something out that might help combat the rainy day blues.
What do you think?
Do you try to step it up and wear cute rain gear or do you just prefer to throw on an old t-shirt and patagonia jacket?
Not judging here.
I can't say I always do much beyond a good pair of leggings and a baseball hat on days like this.
But my sweet boy has therapy this morning and I like to put on a good face for things like that.


  1. I totally dress slumpy on rainy days. And lets be honest I never wash my hair on days it rains either. Just pisses me off if I have dried it and then the rain frizzes it up. Those shorts are so cute and I am thinking I need to invest in a pair of rain boots!

  2. You provided linkies!!! Amen Nat, on the hair. I am feeling you. I have a bright red pair of rainboots that are cheapy and I too, think I need to splurge for some Hunters. Need this jacket. Thanks.

  3. Ladies, I never comment on comments but I am so with you on the no showering on rainy days. It's like the biggest waste of expensive products and an hour of my life EVER! As for the boots, GO NOW and order a pair. I bought my Hunters back when I still lived in Charleston and it was a necessity if you went downtown in even a sprinkle. I got the hot pink and the black and seriously still wear them all the time. They've held up for years too!

  4. On e bright side, at least you're getting lots of opportunities to wear your Hunters! I actually look forward to raining days so I can wear them :)

  5. Super super cute!!!! I still love your pink Hunters!! I should be so bold:)

  6. Super fun! In honor of my "birthday week", I decided to order those hot pink wellies. Loved that you provided the linky loo... :) Size 6, perfect fit!

  7. I totally love wearing leggings and a not cute shirt and throwing on Burberry rain boots and coat and faking the put together look. Of course without washing my hair!

  8. I NEED those shorts they are fabulous!

  9. I love the rain boots and umbrella! What a happy ensemble.

  10. It's raining here too and I'm so over it! I realized this morning that I desperately need a pair a pair of Hunter wellies since I soaked my pants this morning trying to run through the rain!

  11. how cute is that hot pink umbrella!?! Love the pink Hunter boots too!

  12. We've had such pretty weather this week and then all of the sudden some crazy thunderstorms today. One minute we had blue skies, then next minute I could hear rain pouring on the roof. Bizarre. Love those galoshes!

  13. We totally feel your pain with this soggy Richmond weather! It's been a lot of boots & tennis shoes in our footwear rotation. And amen on the not washing your hair on a rainy day!! No thanks, I'd rather spend that time sleeping a little later. ;)

    Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings


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