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May 17, 2012

designer collaborations

It's gonna be good.
Like real good.
First,Trina Turk for Banana Republic.
I'll probably lose some readers for saying this, but I'm not always the biggest fan of the Target collaborations.  I feel like they typically just water down a great brand instead of selecting a few piece to offer at a price most of us can afford.  So as much as I get excited for the hype, I never end up with anything in my cart at check-out.
I have a feeling that will not be the case with BR & TT.
I've always been a big fan of the quality of both brands.

And now Quadrille for Jack Rogers.
Two amazing designs on one foot.  This really is bananas.
I don't consider myself super preppy but I am addicted to Jack Rogers.
I pretty much live in them when the weather hits above 65 degrees.
For years they were the only flip flop that could pass for both a pool shoe and work/wedding appropriate.  That making packing for summer trips a breeze.
Now I admit I cheat on Jack all the time with Tory, but, they remain a classic staple and I think every girl should own a pair.  Seriously.  Go buy one.

It's got this southern girl swooooooning fo sho!
Who's as excited as I am about this?


  1. haha I was going to write about BR tomorrow. I agree I never buy anything from the Target Collections it is always cheap and never fits me right. Here is to hoping Trina does it right for BR. I am hoping to at least get a bathing suit cover-up! Is it weird I don't own Jack Rogers?

  2. I don't own jack Rogers either!!! I'm always breaking the rules. I am dying over this collaboration. Trina has been one of my favorites for forever!

  3. I have a confession and don't hate me. Despite living in Charleston for 8 years now, I don't get the Jack Roger's thing. I don't understand why everyone wants to wear the same shoe as everyone else? I actually have a pair b/c I felt I needed to have them, but they've gotten very little wear. I know, between that and not buying and Lilly P I'm a southern outcast!

  4. Um jack Rogers are the most comfy, versatile shoe ever! I own them in several colors and can wear them anywhere! They fit like a slipper now. Soooo excited about their new line and so will my girlfriends, thank you south for cuing me in!!

  5. I love those first pair of JR. So stinkin cute. I never buy the clothes from the Target collections either (house stuff maybe but clothes, no)

  6. Excited about TT for Banana! I love Jacks but they are soo uncomfortable!

  7. I was going to blog about this tomorrow! haha! You didnt lose me, I never buy the Target stuff either (clothes stuff, I mean). But I've been anxiously awaiting TT and BR!!!

  8. I am SO excited about that collaboration as well! I also prefer to avoid the Target collaboration bandwagons because the stuff is really never that good! Love Jack Rogers but did buy a pair of TB sandals for this summer - although I'm still finding myself pulling out the JR instead!

  9. I'm super excited about the first collaboration too! I'm already saving my pennies...err, dollars. :)

  10. EEKK!! I didn't know about either of these and am now SUPER excited! I just got the JR mid wedges for summer this year and LOVE them, better than the flats...majorly helps out us short girls!

  11. amen, amen. I am SO excited about the BR and TT match up! You can find me saving some pennies until then!

  12. Agree with the watered down Target thing, plus you go there when a new line is introduced, and it's gone in a week. The fabrics don't 'feel' very good, to say the least. But the BR idea should be better quality-lets hope! The line looks fabulous! I love the Jack Rogers sandals..gotta have some!

  13. I have the EXACT same feelings about the Target lines. I just can't get on me crazy. But I'm totally pumped about TT at BR!

  14. I feel the same about Target collaborations. I did purchase two of the Tucker/Target collaboration dresses but that is all. I am excited to see the Trina Turk/BR collaboration!

  15. Not going to lie, I just got a little too excited when reading about Trink Turk for BR!!! If you hear when this is gonna go down, you'll have to be sure to report back!! xo

  16. I just did a post on Jack Rogers a couple of days ago.... I agree.... the perfect "go to" summer sandal

  17. Both collaborations are fabulous! Love the Jack Rogers especially though, since those are my absolute favorite shoes in the whole world! I especially love the bottom ones you showed! I really like the second ones too!


  18. I completely agree about target, I bought a few things from the missoni collection only to be be worn once. Here's to reminding me to set a reminder for the br/tt collection- I am so excited!!

  19. I'm so fired up! I couldn't believe how well the JRs matched the fabric until I made that image!! Glad you liked!

    Shannon Darrough

    P.S. Just found your blog and love it already!

  20. I'm really excited for the TT and BR collaboration because I think it's going to be good. I'm a die hard Jack Rogers fan so I will definitely be getting a pair of those I'm just not sure which ones yet because I want them all!


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