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May 3, 2012

home organization

Spring Cleaning just so happened to coincide with my husband starting a new job this week.   
Which means I've been put in charge of dinner and dry cleaning.
Two things I've never really done before.
I'm alone all day with Wells & Tag(g)* and it's like someone has put a bee in my bonnet to get organized.
I am on a mission to get every little thing organized to run more efficiently.
I'm embarrased to tell y'all just how much fun it is.  

Besides the daily corralling of too many toys my first step is to create a large home base board above our computer so I can keep track of our family.
Dry cleaning receipts, after-work meetings when my husband won't be home for dinner, photography sessions, doctors appointments, grocery lists, etc. all need a spot I can glance at quickly.

The space will take up the length of our whole dining room table (which we now use as a computer desk) so it's going to be huge.  

I really really love the clean look of linen in all of these photos.  And I like the idea of three panels.

Now, here's where I need your advice.
What am I missing?
My kids aren't in any kind of pre-school/MMO yet but they will be soon and I want to include room to grow.  
What will be helpful when they start?
Maybe a hanging bin to place folders or art?
A little spot for spare keys?
Chalkboard?  Magnetic Board?

Checklist includes:
calendars (both monthly and week at a glance)
Place to tack up dry-cleaning receipts and other weekly to-do's
grocery list/coupons & meal planning
some pretty inspiration

And of course I just adore these DIY neon push pins I saw on Made By Girl.  
Those will be added for sure!

*Matthew and I are in great discussions of the spelling of our son's name. 
We originally picked out Tag with one g and now we've started to feel like he looks more like a Tagg with two g's.  Just ask the rappers, two g's are better than one, right?
Plus I hate how his name spelled out in either all caps or all lowercase resembles initials.
Thankfully our little darling is just four months old (today) so we are free to change it right.


  1. So free to change it. Do it! Love all of the inspiration here. I need a legit inspiration board myself.

  2. AnonymousMay 03, 2012

    Hmmm,'s my thoughts: Tag looks more like a nickname, and also brings to mind "playing tag", whereas Tagg is clearly a name that is short for something else. And Tagg seems more preppy to me for some reason!

  3. Love this idea! I'm in organization mode around here too! It makes me feel so good at the end of the day. I cant wait to see pics on how you do this! I'm sure it will be great. LOVE Tagg!

  4. I like to have in an easy spot an emergency contact list with peditricians' names, allergies, etc. has a good one that you can print off. That way if you have a babysitter they can be referred there in case of an emergency. My son is in daycare and I always have a snack bin with goldfish, yogurt pouches, and breakfast bars that I can grab and put in his bag before school. Easy peasy.

  5. aesthetic organization...does it get any better than that?!

  6. Happy 4 months Tag(g)!
    And I'm in desperate need of one of these pretty boards too, I'm just not a good DIYer. I wish you could make me one too.

  7. Two g's are more rapper for sure... go with that!

    good luck organizing!!!

  8. I love the boards in the first pic. As a mom of three kids in school, you will definitely want a place for all of their important school information - maybe one folder/bin per child. Maybe include a spot to hang all of the "masterpieces" they bring home from school too!

  9. The boards in the first photo are great- I don't have kids but feel like hanging baskets or something might be useful b/c my nephews seems to always have "stuff".

  10. I think the key to making any boards like these look good is minimizing clutter so that it still maintains a "clean" look, something that I'm sure you'll master! As for the name, if both of you are having doubts now, then I would go ahead and add the "g" because you won't be able to do it as easily when he's older! I also think that the 2 G's looks more like a nickname and people won't accidentally think it's his initials!

  11. Love the linen boards! Especially in 3's. As far as when the kids start MMO - there will be a lot. I actually just posted about the same thing yesterday. Maybe you could use one of the three boards for MMO stuff?

  12. I love Tagg!! I have a space on my notice board where I have Madison's monthly meal and snack menu pinned up from daycare so that I know I am not trying to feed her the same thing that she has already eaten that day : )

  13. I think I like the second g! Totally free to change it!!

  14. I want to enjoy organizing, really I do! I think I need to take notes on your organization skills! Go on with your bad self!!

  15. cute inspiration pictures of the boards.

    and if I may interject about the spelling, I'd consider two "g's" as it seems more like a child/adult's name then just an object with the spelling left with one "g".

  16. Oh, we are so unorganized. Great inspiration pictures. I'll keep these in mind.
    I love the name Tag(g). So original.

  17. LOVE the first picture! The three separate boards are such a good idea; husband, wife, kids! Definitely leave room for all the calenders and art work that will get sent home from pre-school!

  18. love all the mood boards you shared - they make a room so fun and creative! And...I am liking the 2 G's idea!

  19. I am going to make one of these this weekend to go above my desk! Thanks for the inspiration. Also, I enjoy any of yours posts about Richmond as I am new to the area.

  20. If you figure it out tell me. I am still struggling to get and stay organized. It is a constant battle that drives me nuts!

  21. Ooo... I like Tagg! I changed Izzy's spelling when she was 9mths, ha! Originally Izzie - it reminded me too much of Ozzie :D

  22. I just realized I did nothing to answer your question. Definitely need a basket or something along those lines for the kid's art. I planned on a folder, but several pieces she brought home were bulky leaving the folder useless :(

  23. When I come to your blog I always find nice things!
    The house is gorgeous!
    Kisses and good weekend: D


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