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May 23, 2012

random favorites

Just a few things I can't get out of my head today

No matter how hard I try to get around using pink in my house, something like this pops up and it's all over.

It looks so comfy and the stripes look small enough to help hit in all the right places.

This AMAZING happiness quote
I am a FIRM believer in this mantra.  Every day and every situation (well, almost) can be changed tremendously just by your attitude.  This is something that comes naturally to me but a reminder is sometimes really helpful.

Wells is currently obsessed with kabobs and dip.  She'll eat anything right now as long as she can do it herself.  Ladies, you know the drill.  Her other favorite is the dannon drinkable yogurts.  With a straw.  She thinks it's a treat and it doesn't make a mess.  Any other suggestions?

Lillet white wine
Served crazy cold over ice with fresh lemon and lime slices.
It also comes in red which I highly recommend as well.
It's the drink that was on the side of the picture of my southwest salad here.
My brother introduced it to us a few weeks ago and it is so refreshing.  He bought it locally at Strawberry Street Wine & Cheese, an awesome little shop just down the street from my house.
I think the possibilities for combinations with this one are endless.

What are some of your favorite things right now?


  1. West Elm has a pink flamingo pillow?!?! Say what!!!?? I need this. Now. And this is happening. I can assure you.

  2. awesome reminder to stay happy, and how cute is wells wanting to make her own food!

  3. I'll take one of everything please! How fun are those little kabobs! I'll definitely try those out for Izzy :) And, the maxi looks amazing and so comfy!

  4. Love that dress and the wine sounds yummy!

  5. Ah that maxi dress is gorgeous & looks so comfy :) And oh my gosh the kids kabobs are the cutest thing I have ever seen hahaha!

  6. I'm loving that maxi, crazy cute and comfy looking!

  7. I will keep an eye out for that wine….sounds delish over lemon and lime slices!

  8. I love that mantra. I really need to put that up in my room somewhere. Hope you have a great day lovely!

  9. I keep seeing that flamingo pillow and I LOVE it. And that kabob idea... sooo cool!!


  10. AnonymousMay 23, 2012

    I've never heard of Lillet. I'll have to try it out something. It sounds like a nice drink for the summer. Cute maxi dress too.


  11. The kids kabob sandwiches are so cute and fun! What a fab idea! I saw several maxis similar to that at TJMaxx the other, sorry I didn't pick one up, if anything, as a pool coverup.

  12. The Maxi is super cute and I love the happiness quote too!

  13. Yeah. Maxi dresses for sure! I saw this awesome grey one on a kardashian the other day that was long sleeved and it looked SO comfortable; second that on Maxi skirts.

    If you get a chance order or pick up a Lush bath bomb. It's the ultimate treat.

  14. That pillow is too cute. And that wine is calling my name.

  15. We live and die by those fruit Squeeze Em's. G loves them! she feels so independent + no mess = happy family

  16. I think I need that pillow! and loving the sandwich kabobs-too cute!

  17. I'm in love with Lillet as well. I was introduce to it at my favorite french restaurant in Asheville, Bouchon.
    Try it with with a splash of sparkling orange water (like LaCroix) and a fresh orange slice. YUM-MEE!!

  18. that flamingo pillow is fabulous!


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