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May 15, 2012

reupholstering & painting chairs

Well I don't have much for you today because this rain is killing my current project.
I need it to stay dry for a few days in a row.
I'm in the middle of painting the dining chairs I talked about here because we're using two of them as our desk chairs.
I decided to do something entirely different (go figure) from that post and just paint the chairs white.
 I also decided to go with a brown and white zebra fabric that I already owned similar to this one below.  That way I can add in a fun punch of color with a pillow rather than the chair itself.  And if I decide to go for a bold color, the white will act as primer against all that dark wood.
what do you think?
Anyone else working on anything right now?

Also in case you missed my guest post yesterday on Jessica's blog, I thought I'd share my dream kitchen on here as well. And also so I can stare at it often when I'm cooking in my real kitchen!



  1. Eeee!!! They're going to be fabulous!

  2. The freaking rain. Sigh we planned ahead with all of our painting for this very reason.

  3. AnonymousMay 15, 2012

    ThThey are going to be fabulous! Can't wait to see them!

  4. The print is great! They will look awesome. Or dream kitchen is perfect... can we have some wine in it and just stare?

  5. Girl - I hear ya! We're working on a bathroom remodel and since we don't have a garage, my hubs (bless his heart)was cutting tile in the pouring rain yesterday afternoon. Thank goodness today is nice :)

    Heading to check out your guest post now. Super interested to see what you did because I bought that b/w stripe rug with the pink and orange for my kitchen!!! Great minds and all :)

  6. I hope the rain starts so you can start soon. :)

  7. You know I love zebra on any and everything. It will look awesome! Rain finally stopped here thank goodness!

  8. I'm ready for the sun again, too! This is ridiculous! But those chairs are gonna look fab either way! White is classic

  9. I'm working on stenciling a bathroom (and as a result, drinking more wine that usual.) I can't wait to see your chairs! I love when traditional furniture gets a new vibe.

  10. The rain is killing us as well. We've been painting a lot lately, mostly rooms, but also working on a painted desk which is still in primer since the rain.

    Love the idea for your chairs!

  11. I loved seeing your kitchen on the Aestate! So gorgeous! And I love that zebra fabric for the chairs. So fun!



  12. Do you know where I can get those bar stools?


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