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June 16, 2012

Farmers Market Outfit

Now that I'm in charge of cooking in our household (for those of y'all who are new, this is a very new task for me) I'm even more excited for summer Farmer's Market!
It doesn't help that I've got two under two who like to wake up at 6:15 recently so by 7:30 I'm itching to  get out of the house. 
I've got my outfit and list to share with y'all this morning!
Who else is headed to a Farmers Market this morning?
What are your Farmers Market staples?
I easily find something I like and can cook and stick with it.  I put myself in a food rut so I'm always looking to try new things.


  1. Cute outfit! Do you have a favorite farmers market? we live in the west end, but love to trek to the South of the James market.

  2. I've only been to the Farmer's Market once when I was living in Dallas but I loved it!! The fruit that I bought there was soo fresh and delicious.


  3. Fun! We sometimes go to the Lakeside Farmer's Market and it's pretty neat.

  4. Love the fresh produce and plants at my Farmers Market

    Can you give a link to the Farmers Market outfit? Thanks!


  5. You're so darling!!! Wish I would have home with!

  6. Love the farmer's market. I need to get myself out to ours! You will look fabulous in your outfit!

  7. i too went to the farmers market this morning, however i can promise i didn't look anywhere as cute as this outfit!! :)

  8. Love the farmer's market! We go every weekend. My favorite things to pick up are okra and peaches.

  9. Adorbs! Would totally wear this!

  10. SUCH a cute outfit :) Loving it! Hope you had good finds at the Farmer's Market!


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