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June 14, 2012

Grilled Barbecue Chicken Salad

Okay, so this morning I showed y'all what Wells has been eating so I figured it was only fair to share what I've been eating too.
I do a lot of baked chicken recipes at our house recently and am always trying to find simple ways to eat the same thing in a new way.  My current favorite is barbecue chicken salad.  It's really yummy grilled, but I actually baked it last night because I had the extra time but not the extra hands to sit by a hot stovetop or grill.  I placed it on a bed of fresh mixed greens and added cherry tomatoes and tortilla strips topped off with blue cheese dressing.  I would highly suggest adding shredded colby jack cheese but y'all know I'm trying to cut back on my dairy so that's why it's not pictured below.   I used store bought dressing but much prefer to make my own.  It has so much more flavor so I in turn use less.  I'll share the recipe soon!
Who else is obsessed with salads in summer?
What are you piling on top?


  1. This looks so good I think I definitely need to make it this weekend. xo

  2. i will def be trying this!


  3. I just had a Red Hot and Blue salad for lunch. Grilled chicken in Hot (wing sauce) and blue cheese...yum!!!

  4. We're big salad eaters too, this looks delish. One of my favorites is steak salad with gorangonzola crumbles and grilled corn.

  5. I am just loving all salads this summer! The grilled chicken looks wonderful!


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