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June 14, 2012

Healthy Kids Snacks

Toddlers and their eating habits!
And I thought feeding a baby was tough work!

Wells has gotten really into looking in the fridge and choosing her own snacks. 
I'm totally okay with this. 
We all eat healthier now that our little bug is watching and mimicking, so there is no food that's off limits in our house to her.
{except mommy's special "tea" aka wine}
I make sure all of her choices are already washed and cut up in Tupperware just waiting for her to eat them.
This only takes an extra five or ten minutes when I unpack groceries and saves so much time and sanity for days to come.
The downfall is that this creates problems when we're on the go and she decides she doesn't like the particular snack I've brought.
So I recently started making my own homemade little "luncheable" style snack packs full of healthy choices.  So far she doesn't mind that everything is touching and this way she can still choose when we're at the park or out running errands.  I just pass her the whole box and she makes her selection.  I no longer need to lug around six different Tupperware containers every time we leave the house.
Problem solved!
Obviously the contents of the snack packs change with our groceries but grapes, green beans, cherry tomatoes, cheese and yogurt are staples that are always available.
Anyone else have any snack or meal tricks they'd like to pass along?
This doesn't have to just be for kids you know!
I seriously find myself filling these with a little more than Wells can eat alone so I know I always have a quick healthy bite on the go too.



  1. Stella is definitely listening. She would love to get down with this Snack Pack. As would I!!

  2. This is such a great idea! I'm the same way, with about six different ziploc bags!

  3. Oh she's such a good eater! Good momma for making it fun for her. I'm trying over here with my picky eater! I don't think I will have that problem with Fletcher... ;)

  4. This is so smart but Sterling would only touch the cheese and yogurt in that container. I wish he would eat green beans and tomatoes. Maybe if I put it all in the fun container he would??

  5. Oh, this came at a perfect time for me! Thanks for sharing - my little one eats just fine, but I'm bad at advanced preparation. Your solution will help!

  6. I love that and all the color. Now, trying to convince my four year old to eat the beans and tomatoes, that's a whole other feat! We even grow our own and she LOVES to pick them but won't eat.

    THat being said, at breakfast this morning, she asked for cooked carrots for dinner....oh, be still my heart!

  7. Great idea!! I love the selection might add/ alternate string cheese (the kids love it) perhaps some almonds for protein as well Peanut butter stuffed celery.

    Art by Karena

  8. these could be healthy college student snacks too! I need to be a better snack packer!

  9. AnonymousJune 14, 2012

    That's a yummy looking snack pack. I want it for myself. :)

    Quiet Luxury

  10. Great idea! Would be much healthier than my usual fruit snacks I throw in my purse for emergency melt down situations! The little individual humus containers might be good too with pretzels.

  11. Love this and stealing this idea!!! when you coming this way hot mama??

  12. You are one smart cookie! This is a great idea and I think I might have to use it. The more color on the plate the better it is for you. That's why nachos with everything is a wonderful meal. :)

  13. That really is a great idea. I'm STRUGGLING getting Izzy to eat anything other than Mac & Cheese :( Just last night a friend suggested putting a little ranch at the bottom of a fun kid's Dixie cup and filling it with long cut veggies. Apparently her kid was so excited about the character cup he ate the veggies. We shall see if I can pull it over Izzy!

  14. AnonymousJune 17, 2012

    I love this and will be trying this out on my youngest. He is almost 10 and I am still struggling to get him to eat healthy. I showed him your picture and he said he would try this for school! Thanks for the tip! xoxo


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