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June 15, 2012

master bedroom progress

Remember when I mentioned that I ordered these two black ikat pillows from etsy?
It's okay if you skimmed over that part, so did my husband who acted surprised when fedex pulled up.
Well they arrived last weekend and I am smitten!
I've been making good on my promise to make the bed every morning and I'm proud to say I haven't missed a day. 
It's funny that something simple like making the bed has inspired a whole new overhaul.
I moved our drapes up from the living room.  I had originally made them for this room anyway.  And the gold & python bench now resides at the foot of the bed.  I adore it and Wells is pretty pleased that she now has access on and off our bed. 
I also created some His and Hers art to go above our bedside tables.
I'm really liking how this is turing out so far and I try to keep in mind that it's going to be a work in progress like the rest of my house for a while.
After looking at these pictures I'm thinking I need to add "iron linens onto that list
This room still needs sooooo much work:
new bedside tables
new wall color 
(either much darker with less green/brown undertones or much lighter like classic gray)
new sheets
area rug 
(maybe a rich persian to add some old school charm)
trim for the window panels
(I'm thinking greek key to add a classic touch)
find or create art for the other walls
hang large mirror
hang existing art 
(I wouldn't mind it resting on the tables if they were large enough)
replace closet doors 
(or just get a second one to replace the missing one)
mount tv 
(yes we have a tv in our room.  Judge away, I'll be too busy watching RHNY under my cozy down duvet to care)
Anyone else been working on a new resolution lately (like making the bed) or added anything pretty to your bedroom you want to share (with links, of course so I can copy)?



  1. Ahhhhh!! Loving it so far. Ohh Wells and that dress. Girl loves pink!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Still crush on that bench so hard!! And I love your art work. You are on a roll girlfriend. And you are a good influence on me - I've been diligent about making my bed every since you mentioned it. :)

  4. Julia! You aren't going to believe that my bedroom is the same color and my drapes are the same fabric! How crazy?! I need to have you over! Brooke:)

  5. I am so digging the direction you're taking this room! Makes me really want to get cracking on ours. Then again, that's what I could be doing right now, I just can't seem to get this couch off my rear! Love, love the his and hers art :)

  6. Nice job on the art! I love the pops of black in the room. And, I too have a tv in my master and I think it makes our life better. I can relax in my own room and you know what they say...If mama ain't happy...

  7. It's looking awesome Julia. Love the art!!

  8. This looks fantastic. I missed the memo that said no tv in the bedroom. What's the room for? We have one.


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