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June 4, 2012

pink jeans

Hey friends!  Miss me this morning?
No shows or internets since Saturday morning.
It's been like survivor over here y'all.
Wells was completely ALL DONE! with the lone Little Einsteins dvd I've been feeding her for days.
But all is well and I'm back to civilization.
I can say that this unexpected foray in to technological blackness finally allowed me to grab Hunger Games off my shelf.  I'm a really good reader so I finished it on Sunday and started on the second book.
So far, so good, so HUNGRY!
Seriously, the most I got out of it was the amazing descriptions of food.
A few years late, but I, too, am obsessed.
Now I just need someone to loan me Shades of Grey and I can pretend I'm somewhat current.
Also, so excited for my girls night tonight with Lindsay from Sadie + Stella and Erin from Richmond Thrifter at one of my favorite local wine bars, Secco.
Details will be shared tomorrow!
And because I'm trying to make up for my tardiness I will gift to you something special.
The perfect cheap pink jean.
They look lame as crap on this emaciated model, but let me tell you, they hold a girl in.
They're just high rise enough to be forgiving of my c-section flub but low cut enough to still be flattering.
They're thick enough to be smooth but still have lycra so they're amazingly comfortable.
And they're not cropped.  Thank you jeebus.
I'm almost 5'9 and still need all the help I can get elongated any body parts I can (except my boobs, of course, they're doing that on their own).
And they're just under $50 bucks
So done.



  1. Omg...I literally almost just bought those yesterday and didn't because it said the inseam was 30 inches. I'm 5'9" as well and I was worried they'd be high-waters. I'm sooo buying those now! Thx for the info! :-)

  2. I am 5'9" too. I have a pair similar to those jeans . I agree I like any height help I can get .

  3. Welcome back to civilization! I'm glad you found a pair of amazing pink! jeans. :)

  4. Love the jeans! Hope you'll be wearing them on our date so I can check them out in real life!! Can't wait!

  5. No internet and cable = long ass days. What did people do before technology?? Matt just had a talk with me last night about constantly checking my Iphone. Love the jeans, I kind of want to order them too. Have fun at girls night!!

  6. These are great! I need the higher waist since baby. Long (non designer) jeans are so hard to find!

  7. I just got done reading the Hunger Games as well! (Just because I saw the movie trailer, haha) But I finished all of them in three weeks! I was super addicted. :)

  8. Hate it when that happens, seriously disconnected from the world!! Have fun at GNO! I actually am friends with Erin's older sister, Kelly, from when they lived in Atlanta-small world!! GNO for me tonight too-what to expect movie!

  9. I love Franchescas! It's definitely one of my faves. So glad you found the perfect pink jean- there are so many options out there it can be hard to know where to go! :) Glad you got Internet back!

  10. Bwahhahaha!!! The boobs comment got me because I TOTALLY get it :D Bummer about the Internet connection. I would have died by the end of day one!

  11. Oh no! No internet is never a good thing around my house!! Your pink jeans are super cute! I love Francesca's, they always have such fun pieces!

  12. Very, very cute. I've been holding out on the colored jeans, but not for much longer, they are certainly growing on me!

  13. This whole post made me laugh, so thank you! And thank you for FINALLY leading me to some mint green jeans under $50!!!

  14. I can't wait for mine to arrive. I ordered the pink & yellow ones. Now, I am just hoping they fit (since I still have quite a few baby lbs to lose)


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