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June 29, 2012

Sesame Linguini Recipe

Yum, right.
So I'm starting to get into this whole cooking thing.
Last night I made sesame linguini with teriyaki chicken.  Steamed broccoli on the side.  
I used the Pioneer Woman's recipe for the sesame noodles and baked the chicken in a store bought teriyaki glaze and added that in seperate.  Better directions to follow, I've got a hungry baby right now!
It was amazing and so easy!


  1. You. Domestic goddess. For real. This looks delicious!

  2. Excuse me Martha Stewart. You are totally showing me up! This looks and sounds amazing!! I bet Matt is one happy man:)

  3. Good grief, you're a cooking fool lately! Makes me feel a little guilty about making dinner out of a box last night. Nah... not THAT guilty ;)

  4. This looks good. I should make this. xx

  5. What go-ahead with ya bad self! Now I gotta get on the cookin again!

  6. Looks yummy! You're helping me plan our meals this week! Happy Friday Julia.

  7. This looks and sounds so wonderful!! Love the Pioneer Woman and all of her recipes are always favorites!

  8. The Pioneer Woman's recipes always rock my world, so I have no doubts this would be awesome. I also looove me some noodles so you bet I'll be trying this one! :)


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