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Ladies Lunch Menu & What to Wear

August 14, 2012

So, I have a secret.  One of my favorites is preggars!
She hasn't officially announced it yet nor had that meeting with her boss to discuss so for now my dear friends she will remain anonymous.
But that doesn't mean I can't start brainstorming the fabulous ladies lunch we will throw in this dear baby's honor!  Dainty finger sandwiches, pimento cheese, and cake pops?  Yes, ma'am.
And you know there will be lots and lots of champagne for the rest of us!
And we'll stick with a very cosmopolitan color scheme for this mama-to-be adding in pops of pink or blue once we know those deets.

And I can be found keeping things in check over at my girl Lindsay's blog this morning so head straight over to Sadie + Stella to check it out!

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  1. I don't guess I know this friend do i? B/c i love some dainty sandwiches and cake pops, and champs...

  2. Thanks for outing me, lol! This is the perfect lunch...can't wait to see how you will design your friends nursery.

  3. I wanna come! Assuming I know this person...? Because this looks fab. :)

  4. Haha! I love how prepared you are! I just love planning showers for friends! I am dying to know who is preggers ;) xo

  5. Loved your post on S&S! Looking forward to visiting your site as often as possible!

  6. Look'n like a pret-ty chic little baby shower! Headed over to S&S to show ya some love'n

  7. oooh, sign me up for some cucumber sandos and cake pops!

  8. Sounds like such a fab shower!! You had me at tomato basil and cake pops :)

  9. This is going to be one freaking fabulous shower!Just checked out your guest post - I'm drooling over those papers. I'm going to need to get a job :D

  10. you tease. :) can't wait to hear the news. Your menu is fab btw.


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