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August 29, 2012

Living Rooms

So here's a shot of my living room now. 
And below that are some of my current favorite living rooms from Pinterest.  

I don't think I've really shown it before since we built the bookcases so I figured before I make any more changes, I better have a starting off point for y'all for reference.
It's not bad.  Great, really.  But it needs some work. 
So, how do I get from Point A to Point Awesome? 

 It's obvious I need something alive, like a plant.  Dang, I wonder if faux will help.  
I need something old.  More old pieces.  Preferable wood.  Preferably awesome antiques.
I need some sort of statue head.  Like a Greek god or something equally cool.  Maybe American Patriotic like Thomas Jefferson?
I need something plush to lay over my seagrass rug.
I need more black.
I need more gold.
I need more color.
I need less color.
I need more things.
I need less things.




  1. Ummm. Maybe just me, but I think YOUR living room is TO.DIE.FOR. You have some pumpin' (yes, I used that word-LOL) talent!

  2. I'm with Melissa on this one...your room is fab already. Just add a cowhide rug...or paint an ikea cotton one to lay over it (hint).

  3. Agree-I think your living room is my favorite! Although I think a plant is always a nice addition:)

  4. I also think your LR is very pretty. Once I scanned your Pinterest photos, the two themes that jumped out at me immediately were "black" and "dark wood". So maybe start there! Do we ever stop zhushing?!?! NEVAH!!

  5. Bahahahaha my head's reelin'. Your living room needs no zhushing. It's gorgeous.

  6. I agree with everyone! Your living room looks great already!

    If you must, I think some graphic black and white pillows or throw would look great.

  7. Your living room looks home next to those images you love. I think it's awesome just as it is! I liked your idea of adding a plant, maybe a taller plant like a tree? Of course that means caring for the little bugger - blah. And the idea of a cowhide over your rug. I heard they're suppose to be easy to keep clean, from say things the two smaller peeps in the house may throw at it ;)

  8. I say more gold and black and less pastel. Whatever happened to our consult???

  9. I think its perfect! But if you want to crank it all you are missing is a patterned rug, curtains and a fiddle leaf fig. Donezo!

  10. What about painting the back of your built ins a darker color, charcoal maybe? A fiddle leaf fig and layered rug. And always love a good bust. I have a few around my place, just keep your eye out at antique shops, youll find the perfect person to take home! :) You have dont a great job!

  11. Not a bad living room, Mrs. Ryan! I mean, I love the inspiration photos, but you've kind of got it going on yourself.

  12. Your living room should be ON Pinterest! If it's not already...

  13. obsessed with your built-ins!! and i would have to say it looks pretty fabulous just the way it is!!

  14. HUSH on your ZHUSH.... your living room is FABULOUS

    however, if you insist, add an accent rug for an overlay on your seagrass.

  15. Your living room is beautiful girl. I think I would add some more black, really finish it off. Can't wait to see what you do! :)

  16. Your living room is beautiful! So even if you do nothing...
    Maybe replace some of your white and pastel peoces on the shelves with black and or dark wood? JAnd maybe edit the number of things on the shelves? That's all I could think of.

  17. So I totally left my comment on the wrong post ha! It looks great! I agree with more black and gold. Have you thought about painting fireplace tile black? Or adding slate? Think that would look great! Also, more substantial sconces! xoxo

  18. Really? I think it's gorgeous as is. I love the built ins and the colors. I understand what you mean though.

  19. I agree! It's gorgeous as is! It's as beautiful and soft as anything I've seen in a magazine or on pinterest. If you want to toughen it up a little, I would...
    1. Leopard pillows on the sofa from Arianna

    2. Darker blue paint behind the shelves (and paint the inside of the fireplace this color too)

    3. More books, less pottery on the shelves (replace some with vintage gold accessories from etsy)

    4. A piece of your artwork leaning on one of the shelves

    5. Black lampshades

    6. white and gold paper bowl from etsy

    7. black and white print from etsy resting on another shelf

    I've had way too much fun playing with your living room and I made a mockup with MS paint :)..emailing it to you!

  20. Haaa I love your contrasting ideas. I know exactly how you feel. It honestly looks so good, but I know what you mean about wanting to zhush it up. I agree with the commenter above about getting some leopard?? And you are so great at styling so you can always switch out some of your pieces for colorful or black ones to add some pop. Who am I to give advice though... xoxo

    P.S. Make sure to check out the giveaway that The Now and Swirl are hosting. It's for a $50 J. Crew gift card.

  21. I think it's lovely!! Have you thought about painting the trim on the cabinets below the bookshelve black? Or maybe incorporate only white, black and gold accessories on the bookshelves and take out the ginger jars and darker items? Either way, LOVE IT!

  22. I think it's fabulous too, but I totally know that feeling you describe, that only tweaking and tweaking will finally satisfy. You have the magic touch - just keep at it and one day it will all feel "right" to you!

  23. Hi! I think your LR looks great, and your blog has entertained me through many a night feeding with my 7 month old! So, I love your built-ins, and totally picture an amazing wallpaper in the recess above the fireplace. I think Nina Campbell's Farfalla - every since I saw it in HB I loved it, and I think the blues might highlight what you already have, while the burgundy and gold tones would work really nice with the pinks that you are drawn too. Then, I know it's cliche but a fiddle leaf fig would be gorgeous. Maybe a darker throw on the couch, and a layered rug atop the seagrass? Throw in a chunky Federal mirror, and call it a day! Can't wait to see what you come up with :)

  24. your loving room looks gorgeous and so pinterest worthy!

  25. I love this game! :) No matter how gorgeous we all think it is, you're just ready for a change, fall does it to me every year!

    How about:
    ~Paint back of bookcase charcoal.
    ~Replace hardware with BIG gold statement pieces.
    ~Large mirror above fireplace, layered with a print leaning against it. Modern mirror w/traditional art OR traditional mirror w/modern art.
    ~ Completely fill inside of fireplace box with logs for texture.
    ~Simple edited shelves, I noticed you like symmetry, I'd hang art on each side on the fronts of the shelf, maybe your b&w abstracts, to break up all of the nooks.
    ~ I love Coby's ideas and the leopard pillows. A geometric, stripe, or oversize floral print would be fun with leopard.
    ~ A faux fur throw.

    Sorry, I got carried away, it was just so much fun!

  26. Love your living room!!! I must know where that painting is from! Do tell...


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