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Marsh Walk, Summer Sandals, and some awesome red wine

August 20, 2012

So I realized this was the one and only picture taken on our whole trip down to South Carolina a few weeks ago and I'd never shared it.  I can't even believe how big my sweet babies are getting.

Me and my loves on the Murrells Inlet Marsh Walk
So the awesome people at Fibi & Clo read all about my sandal dilemma and earlier this summer they sent me an awesome pair of t-straped jeweled sandals to try out.  I picked the postiano's because I knew they'd be dressy enough to wear out but still casual enough to rock during the day.
They said they were amazing and I'd love them and they were right. 
I've been obsessed with them all summer and I can promise you they have held up perfectly on dates, girls' nights and playgrounds alike.
I can't even begin to tell you how much I love them.
They're also crazy affordable at $45.00 a pair. 
Check out more of my favorite pairs

And certainly last but not least, how awesome is this red wine I found at our awesome little local market.  Yes, you read it correctly.  It's Bitch Wine.  It's cheap and it's good and it's name is worth it's weight at bunco.  Which coincidentally, I no longer do since moving to Richmond.  But I do bitch and I do wine.

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  1. Love my little babes!!! And your new shoes!

  2. I can't believe how big Tag has gotten! He and Wells are the cutest. Still sad we werent in Pawleys at the same time! Yes please to the wine:)

  3. Your babies are just so stinking adorable!!! Shoes are fab, and the wine would definitely be a hit with my bunco group as well :)

  4. I came for the wine...I am leaving wanting the shoes.

  5. I love Bitch wine {I have a bottle that I kept} :) There's also Happy Bitch, check that one out. www.styleoyster.blogspot.com

  6. Kids = Adorbs, still love the necklace and the shoes are perfection! And ive never met a wine I didnt like, even if it calls me a bitch!

  7. Augh, you and the babies are precious! Look at Wells' pigtails. I love. And Tag is Avery's boyfriend, just sayin.

  8. haha Bitch. That's funny. Your sandals are super cute. I haven't heard of that line so thanks for the intro! xox

  9. Ha! I love to bitch and wine ... I think we deserve this ability!! Adorable babies ... will have to try the wine. No certain my husband will join in ... so I can keep it all to myself!! xo

  10. wow they are affordable and gorgeous! Your two babies are precious!

  11. Such sweet little babies!! And I'm going to be needing those Sea Star sandals. Love!

  12. Julia! That is so funny... I was just talking to friends of mine last night about starting a Bunco night! I hope that means you would be in?? Hope to see you and the little ones soon- precious pic of y'all;)

  13. Julia,
    Thank you for the glowing reviews on our Fibi & Clo Sandals, flip flops and Wedges. We love them too!!

    Please feel free to share my FB page with your friends who would like to see the entire Collection.

    Please don't forget to like my page and let me know if I can assist you in getting a pair or two of these designer wears and amazingly low prices.


  14. Your little ones are so adorable! Nice sandals, by the way!

    Thanks for entering my current book giveaway. Good luck!


  15. You have a beautiful family! We will actually be vacationing in that area next week.. CANNOT WAIT!!!

  16. What a cute picture!! Adorable. Those shoes are so cute on you...a friend of mine had the cascade ones and I LOVE them, but never knew where they were from. Just may need to order those now!!

  17. Just found your blog through pinterest. I LOVE Pawleys! I've been vacationing there since I was born. Do you live there? If so, luck you :) Great blog.


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