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White jeans for fall

August 10, 2012

It's Friday, it's raining, and our power has been off and on since 7:30 last night.
It's currently back on just in time for me to bring you a little something-something fashionable this morning.  So let's get to it.  White Jeans for Fall.  Yes.
I love a good summer dress and sandals, but truth be told, I'm ready for fall.  But under no circumstance am I ready to give up whites.  In fact, once the weather cools down just a notch I'm more likely to be found sporting my white jeans than I was during the appropriate Easter to August months.  There is something so chic about fall neutrals, especially white.
Would you wear this outfit through August and well into September?
I'm going to be bringing you lots of cream and white for fall so consider yourself warned!
Also, maybe it's the toddler mom in me but you'll notice this outfit comes with good shoes and bag and completely cheap craptastic pants and blouse.  I don't want to see another pair of $200 jeans with playground on the ass.  I thought you might not either.

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  1. Much to my mother's horror ... I sport white jeans all year long ... I LOVE them with big comfy sweaters in the winter!!

  2. It's so hot in Texas that yes, I'd wear them into October.

  3. I would definitely wear this into fall! So chic!

  4. only because you say so- I will be sporting my white jeans this fall!

  5. Ha! Playground ass - love it. And the outfit :)

  6. I adore white jeans...good to know I can keep rockin them into fall!!!

  7. This outfit is so me! Love every piece! You are so good at putting together cute outfits! Btw ordered the green and gray jeans for S:)

  8. I want that whole outfit! I agree with Natalie...you're are terrific at putting together fabulous outfits. Hope you have a nice weekend Julia!

  9. Love this look! very simple and chic.

  10. I love white jeans year-round!


  11. What a steal on the blouse and jeans... looks nothing like 20ish bucks.

    And I love white jeans all year so I'm def rocking my mine this fall ;)

  12. I sooo love this look! So clean....well, if you can keep it clean... ;)


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