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September 28, 2012

Sometimes I dread the weekend because I know I'll have three people to entertain and clean up after instead of my usual two.  
 (sorry, honey, that was a cheap shot.  You know I beyond adore you)

No really, I was just on the phone with Matthew discussing what we wanted to do tonight.
With no babysitter scheduled our prospects for getting off the couch are looking slim. 
I'm just curious, especially all of the stay-at home mom's out there, do y'all have a special routine for Fridays to make it feel different?

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  1. early family dinner out. a pretty stroll. it's so hard!

  2. I agree, weekends are just not the same.

  3. I agree. I always make pizza. Who doesn't look forward to pizza. Or we go out to eat. Rent a movie, talk my hubby into watching Audrey for a little while so I can stroll through TJ's/Home Goods/Marshals or Target on my own to decompress from the week. Remember you need a break too...I finally do not feel guilty about taking a time out from the fam. You appreciate them more when you take time for yourself. "
    If Momma ain't happy nobody's happy". Have a great weekend, love your blog!

  4. We always go out to eat or get takeout. Oh, and wine. Wine is always good!

  5. pizza night! Although since moving to California, the pizza here is from hunger, and so it seems to have morphed into In'N'Out Burger night.

  6. Many of my friends got me in this habit: I don't want a lot of TV with my kids, so when I can remember I rent two movies. One childrens one and one adult. After we watch their movie I bust out my own :)

  7. Ha! Love that. My house becomes a dump on the weekends due to the extra person hanging around all day ;) Fridays usually aren't any different for me and my husband. Sometimes we'll make it a movie night at home if there's anything worth watching. We need a for real date night.

  8. Do not come home on Friday without wine, even when the bar is fully stocked, just don't. Usually Friday is at home and Saturday is a sitter night.

  9. Our kids are older now but when they were small we'd do the family pizza/game night thing or let each of them have a friend spend the night to keep them happy while we watched a movie. After the kids went to bed we'd sometimes take a glass of wine out on our deck and pretend it was a date-at least we had uninterrupted conversation time.

  10. my babe is just one month old...and already, weekends aren't the same.

    it's 7pm and i'm browsing my fave blogs, rocking my girl's bouncer with my feet, and watching a special on NO DOUBT (yes, the band HA) instead of at a great dinner with my hubby. talk about a friday night!

    hope your night is a bit more exciting than mine!


  11. I have been a SAH mom (mostly) for 17 years. My husband is often not home on Friday evenings but my teenagers are so its a pizza paper plate thing for me. No dinner dishes is nice way to ease into the weekend. We often have the teens babysit while we go to "Home Depot" on Saturday which is really somewhere with beer. ;)

  12. We do family movie night. We eat dinner on trays in front of the TV while we have a "picnic" (what my kids call eating in front of the TV), then we make popcorn and they're allowed to have Kool Aid or Ginger Ale. It's timed so that end of movie equals normal bedtimes. My kids are 10, 9 and 6 and we've been doing this for several years now and it amazes me how the kids miss it when we have the occasional change in plans -- especially the "family" part of it! My husband has traveled A LOT for years and this has been such a life saver. And, of course, there's wine!

  13. We do family date which entails making a Friday night special trip to Whole Foods/Central Market and picking out yummy goodies and dinner just for that night. It's not a grocery trip per se. It's for fun! Avery calls Central Market the eat park.
    We then come home, eat our goodies if we didn't eat them at the store, put the kiddos to bed, and watch a movie.

  14. my husband is off on Fridays... I love fridays!! He makes breakfast and lets me sleep a little. So I guess our Thursday is everyones friday. We will hang out and I'll make the more "special" or fun dinner that night. We will sometimes feed the kids and then eat later after they go to bed and have an at home date night. Got to keep is spicy where you can :)


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