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September 14, 2012

Fall Fashion for Men from Southern Tide

Let's talk man clothes for a minute.  It's fall.  You have tailgates and cabin trips and Christmas Card Pictures on the brain.  And we're pretty much always talking about what to put on ourselves and sometimes what we put on our babes but rarely what to clothe our significant others in. 

Maybe it's because I'm a Southerner but I for one am smitten with an almost exclusive preppy look for men.  Modern traditional with a bit more fussy than stuffy.  Colored chinos and sweaters with loafers and no socks.  While I like to challenge myself and experiment with my wardrobe my husband finds good quality staples and stocks up.  
Southern Tide is one of his new favorite companies, we've chatted about that before.  Matthew has several skipjack polos in various colors and loves them.
I've pulled a few things I want to add to his fall wardrobe.

I'm also a big fan of the nautical polo which can be found in various collegiate colors for gameday.

What do you think?  Would you buy any of this for your husband or boyfriend, Dad or Brother?



  1. Yep, I love Southern Tides Matt however could not give a rats ass what he wears. I swear he would just shop at Goodwill and not even care. My mom gave him two Vineyward Vines polos for his birthday and he said he didn't like them because of the whale on them- he just wanted a regular old polo. Poor guy has no fashion sense. Love the first look!

  2. I love this look for guys but my hubby also prefers to dress like a homeless person. In fact, I have now sequestered all publicly-acceptable clothing so he won't do things like mow the lawn in his brand new JCrew shorts.

  3. My husbands favorite brand is Southern Tide! We live in Greenville, the headquarters and it's sold everywhere he shops! Love it! xx.

  4. Yes, yes and yes! Girl you know I love my man preppy!!! VV is pretty much Todd and Carson entire wardrobe!

  5. I need someone to come have an intervention with my husband. The only clothes he will wear are ones his Mom bought him in 2002. I give up!

  6. Southern Tide is Eric's favorite! Not sure if he'll ever want only other brand ha!

  7. you had me at preppy. i LOVE a guy in a sweet button down and flip flops and khaki or in a rugby. or in any shade of geranium. or, need i go on?

  8. I just spit out my coffee when I saw this post. The guy in the first few pictures is my friend Eric who I haven't seen in ages. Cutie, isn't he!? Love the zipper pullover but no way in hell I would get my hubby into anything else.:)


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