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Fall Picnics in the English Countryside

September 17, 2012

Om, are we all loving this amazing cooler weather?  
Making our Monday more bearable I hope?

So you know how we all look at pictures on Pinterest and think to ourselves, wow, do people really live like that?  No, probably not.  And then you see those same pictures on my a friend's blog and think, dang, maybe so, because that's her right in the middle of that scene.  
Yes, this is exactly what happened when I was looking through the pictures an old friend from college posted recently.  Well done Amber.  Living life to the fullest.  Making the small moments count.
Of course it doesn't hurt when that life takes you to the high cliffs of Devon, England and those little moments involve your adorable English bred husband and his bad-ass land rover.
But it's the small touches like the wicker picnic basket, the old plaid wool blankets, and leftover champagne that make it feel special.
Amber is talented photographer and has documented their amazing international life together on her blog.  You should go check it out.  
Glamorous life my dear!
What small touches have you added to your life lately to make it feel more special?  To find the extraordinary in the ordinary?

 all images property of Amber Steel

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  1. I NEED to be transported there, ASAP!!! So beautiful.

  2. Wow! So dreamy it looks fake. I am so jelly!

  3. Looks like so much fun! xx.


  4. I want to run with that crowd! Looks gorgeous out there.

  5. These photos look like ads! Oh my goodness. Yes, take me there now.

  6. These pictures look so fake! What a gorgeous time. xo

  7. OMG!!! That's so crazy. I went to the English countryside once in second grade and sadly I don't remember much. I know it wasn't this glamorous!! xo

  8. Looks like a pretty fab life! That is the coolest car, ever!

  9. What I can't stop looking at is the two hot guys sandwiched between the cars. Gorgeous images.

  10. Looks amazing!! Wish I was there right now :)

  11. oh emm gee...i hate her. Just teasing. I'm just jealous. That looks gorgeous!

  12. Julia I LOVE that you blogged about Amber's blog!! I thoroughly enjoy reading both blogs. Keep up the fun ladies! Cheers to livin the good life!

  13. I would love to pick up and move to Europe! Still trying to figure that one out.

  14. I agree - often you don't think anyone actually lives these chic lives but apparently some people do! Gorgeous pictures, I will check out her blog now!

  15. Julia you are too kind!! Thanks for having me on PIP!! And thanks to Natalie's comment Adam is walking around like a rockstar ; )


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