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September 18, 2012

little reading nook

So y'all clearly remember from my office reveal during the one room challenge that I really just made over a wall in the corner of the room and not the entire space.  That's because the room is huge and needs to function as multiple spaces.  Oh, and I never could have found the time and energy and funds to devote to the entire project in just six weeks.
I thought y'all might like to see how the far back wall is coming together and my plans to create a little sitting area.  It's my new favorite spot to sit and read stories with Wells or drink my coffee while she and Tagg play on the floor.
 It's really just the beginning here and I've got lots of projects that need to be tackled.
And okay, okay, I haven't actually done the gallery wall yet but it just looks so much better with it all photoshopped in.
The first is the settee.  
It's really just my two slipper chairs pushed together with a linen curtain panel thrown on top.  I was so over those chairs and felt like they were just too big and awkward to look work well anywhere yet too small to actually sit in and lounge.  My genius idea is to actually just use a zip tie to anchor the legs together and have a slip cover made to fit right on top.  I'll just need to add some extra batting down the middle where the edges of the two chairs dip down.  This seems like a perfect solution because it's relatively cheap compared to the cost of buying a new settee.  And it allows me the option to use them as two separate chairs in the future if I so choose.
The second project I need to tackle is the roman shade.  It's a roll-up black out shade with some black grosgrain ribbon taped to it.  I'd like to create a greek key pattern with the edges or  order some fun trim.  The jury is still out on that one.
And third, create a gallery wall.  This is so not my strong suit.  But I've seen so many of y'all whip them up successfully and I think aesthetically it's the best option.
So here is the space as it is today.
 You can see that my new little reading nook is located where the dining room table used to live on the far back wall in between the window and the glass door to the play room.
 And here is a picture of our dining room when it was actually just a dining room.
I just found it on my phone and realized I'd actually never shared it before so this give another perspective of it's evolution.
So what do we think loves?  Starting to shape up in both form and function. 
Anyone else smooshed two chairs together to form a settee or anything else equally transformative?
You know I love hearing about your ideas so anything you got for me is welcome!


  1. So so cute. Love this little addition. How perfect it looks and its useful! Two in one. The gallery wall will be gorg!

  2. Love the idea of turning the two seats into a settee- pure genius I tell you. The room is coming along great!

  3. Umm turning two chairs into a settee is genius.

  4. That's a genius idea of pulling the chairs together! Love the idea of a reading nook!

  5. The photoshopped gallery wall fooled me. It looks amazing. Great idea to see what it will look like.

  6. Smooshed together chairs = brilliant! I just gave my mom 2 armless persons chairs because I was over them and now I think I have to ask her to give them back. So smart and so chic - love it!

  7. Genius idea girlfriend. And don't fret about the gallery wall, I love your photoshop version. You've got it.

  8. You are so clever! I vote for the greek key trim on the roman!

  9. I love that you have cable ties on hand! That two chairs in one is brilliant.


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