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October 12, 2012

Jess Brown Dolls

It's been a rough week y'all.  So glad it's Friday.  Or is it even any different today.  No, not really.  Boo for me.  Anyway, for the rest of you loves it's FRIDAY!  Fantastic!  I'm not going to dwell.

So you know how designers always talk about how they fall in love with a fabric and then build a room around it.  I've never done that before.  It's just never worked like that for me.
But yesterday I found something beautiful that was on major sale and I fully intend to build a room around her.
Meet Wells' new bestie, a Jess Brown doll.  And she's coming with a friend.  Yes, the two pretties in the middle will soon be living in Wells' big girl room.  Aren't they adorable!
Of course the uber-fabulous photographer Stephanie Rausser turned her photographs into a book about the adventures her daughter had with her rag doll, Coco & Kiki in Paris.
I think that's what I'm going to name mine too.
Coco and Kiki.  I hope Wells concurs.  Technically they belong to her.

Finding these two gems makes me really excited for her room design.  It's going to be a slow process as she's not quite ready and I'm accumulating things one by one.  

So to help me stay on track I'm keeping the following buzz words in mind:  
whimsical | classic | french | sophisticated | eclectic | imagination | pretty

And of course keeping track of these images below for reference.
 So far we've got her twin spindle bed, walls painted in Classic Gray Benjamin Moore and the rug I snagged from Tagg's room.  The polka dot sheets and the miniature louis chair were both homegoods finds.  The gorgeous Jess Brown doll is en route and that blanket is about to be ordered.

 PS-email me if you're interested in those gorgeous dolls on discount.  My girl Katharine will totally hook you up.  She's got a treasure chest of French clothes on hand too.  I might have to make you wait until Monday after I find out if my sister is having a little girl or not first.  I don't want all these dolls gone before I get to snag up a third :)

Are you dying yet?  They only have 10 8 (ooops, I snagged up two before I let y'all in on the goodness) so 
don't wait!



  1. Yes! I would love one of those dolls on discount! Please let me know! Rooms #4 and #7 are to die for! I love your color palette! My baby girl's nursery is pink and grey. I think it's so chic!

  2. Wow! I am loving this post and all those inspiration photos. I love the all the white and neutral colors with splashes of pink. You are going to create such a gorgeous room. I love the idea of the book!!


  3. ohhhhhhhhhh shes getting a big girl room! how fun!

  4. The dolls are beyond gorgeous! Please let know how to get at leas a couple on discount for my twin girls. I think Well's room will be such a beautiful room! Love all the pieces you got so far!

  5. I would love one of those dolls! Thank you!

  6. Those dolls are adorable! I would love to get one for my niece! Can't wait to see Wells room. Love the color combination you've chosen.

  7. I love her dolls. LOVE them. Mrs. Cheap over here ended up making one for Izzy, but it certainly pales in comparison to the real deal. All of those rooms are killer too. You'll knock it out of the park with her room :)

  8. Confession the dolls kind of freak me out but I LOVE all the rooms they inspired!

    I also love that scene in the Holiday! Fan-freaking-tastic movie.


  9. I can't wait to see what you do for Wells room! The dolls are the perfect starting point! So funny my sister finds out in two weeks what she is having, Our sisters must be due close to the same time!

  10. Shut it. I've coveted a Jess Brown for, no lie, 3.5 years now. Since Lilly was just in my belly. We have the Coco in Paris book and Lilly loves it. I've just been waiting to invest in the doll til Lil was a little older. I need your hookup!!!

  11. Hmm...Santa is coming soon maybe he will bring one. Hook me up!

  12. Please please let me know about the Jess brown dolls. I really want one, and I know they are pricy, so it will depend on what the price is. I totally get designing a whole room around them!

  13. I had to smile at your question: "Are you dying yet"?. Well, as a matter of fact, I am dying. As in cancer, spreading from breasts to brain. But, I keep beating the odds! YaY! I so need a hospital/Hospice friend. Please let me know if thats a possibility.
    Hugs ~ Jo

  14. I snagged those sheets for my girls' room too. LOVE them. Love your inspiration pics - Wells' room is going to be fab!

  15. I have been thinking about getting a Jess Brown doll for my daughter for Christmas! I would love your hookup! Love love love all of your inspiration rooms!


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