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Joss & Main Curators Collection: Look Linger Love

October 23, 2012

Did y'all see my friend Chassity's curator collection on Joss & Main?
 Click here to check it out.
Yup, it's that good.  Just like her home.  
Although technically speaking, this is her old home, I'm sure you'll notice many of the same pieces and all the same fab style as she slowly unveils her new home.

 Here are my top picks from Chassity's collection.  Hmm, wouldn't that make one nice delivery!

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  1. AW JULIA! You're a sweetie to share this today. Thanks so much :) And I love your favorites!!


  2. I love your favorites, too. I thought it was fun to see her collection on there, too.


  3. Love the side table with gold branches!

  4. Love the gold table as well. Checking it out now.


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