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October 10, 2012

ZARA HOME for kids

So I know we all went bananas over the new debut of Zara Home in the states yesterday.  
Om, pretty much obsessed with the whole collection.  Yes, ma'am.  
But that recap deserves it's own day to shine.
And then I did a little clickity click over to the Zara Home for kids site and I got all sappy with sweetness.  Little girl bed sweetness.  I think this might help me take Wells' big girl room out of the planning stages and straight into action.  If only they sold those adorable dolls.  Does anyone know where I can find them?  I seriously need them for Wells.

 And of course I spotted a few sweet looks for my sweet Tagg.  Although he better not be heading out of his crib any time soon!

Here are a few of my favorite velvet and fur pillows and a gorgeous pink plaid throw that will certainly need to make themselves at home on her little bed.  Or mine.  Which ever.  This is certainly not child-only material here loves.
Follow the link here to check out more velvet and fur throw pillows like these above and a whole lot more to feast your eyes on.



  1. I totally forgot to check it out yesterday. Cute stuff. Off to browse now!

  2. Love all of this! I could definitely see my kiddos' rooms decorated with ZARA! Thanks for the inspiration!

    PS Loved your pics from yesterday! You're an amazing photographer, but your gorgeous children sure make it extra rewarding!!

  3. Adorable and girly without being over the top!! Bring in the fur ... it can travel between both of your rooms!! xo

  4. The only problem is that the largest duvet size is a twin! They are all gorgeous though :)

  5. Oh no, this could be dangerous! Velvet and fur?!

  6. So freaking cute. Wells' needs it!

  7. Hey, I've been buying the bed linens for kids from Zara in the UK for a while. They wash SO well. The percale cotton is amazing.

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  9. I think those dolls might be by Jess Brown.


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