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cane chairs

November 21, 2012

So I'm pretty excited about my new cane chairs.  They're upholstered in pink velvet and tufted on the seat backs.  I immediately threw on my leopard print pillows from Arianna's shop and fell in love.  IN LOVE.  They're curved backs and substantial style hold their weight against my curved couch.  But they're low and airy so they don't obstruct the view.  

Even Wells gives her seal of approval on "mommy's neeeeeew bootiful chairs".  

Matthew's reaction?  He hates them.  
"They look like they belong to the golden girls.  You know, like the crap you find in the furnished beach condos in Myrtle Beach."
And while his taste meter is clearly off because these chairs are clearly fantastic, I do feel bad.
The poor man just wants a place to read a book or take a nap.  A man chair.
The chairs inspired me to create a whole new vision for that room and the adjacent room.  I moved our television and wing chair from the living room and our pink couch from our sunroom and created a family room.  Now you don't walk into my house and immediately get bombarded by a gigantic flatscreen and too many toys.  And it totally opens up the scenario for said man chair to live.

I'm on the hunt.

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  1. We have a "man chair" in our family-room and I am forever trying to replace it! Hubby is not on-board:(

  2. I adore them that was a freaking steal!! My Matt would say the same thing!! He loves huge big club chairs and leather couches which I hate but then I feel bad because it is his house too and I want him to have things he loves. Oh well I am more selfish than nice so I still pick what I want. If you ditch the chairs I will happily buy them from you:) Lurve them!

  3. Wow Julia, your living room looks fantastic! and that pink velvet is so beautiful with leopard pillows, BUT...that sofa, OMG is the most beautiful thing Ive seen in ages. Where did you find that?
    Have a great holiday.
    xo Nancy

  4. I love 'em Julia!! The pink and the leopard are perfect. It's the coziest little round sitting area. Nice job.

  5. They are so cute!! I really like them and they look great in that room. I am also obsessed with your couch. Lovely!



  6. Now you know I'm all over that pink and leopard action- gorgeous!

  7. i love them, but i hear ya! chris usually keeps quiet about things but when his opinion is really strong, i usually give in because i know if he is voicing it, he really hates it! :)

  8. I love those chairs! I have a similar pair, but wish mine were covered in pink velvet!!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. O wow! Such a statement! LOVE LOVE LOVE.

  10. pure perfection my lovely lady! That pink makes me so happy :)

  11. I'm with you on this, the chairs are amazeballs. LOVE!

  12. They're perfect. And only made better by the GG reference. Thank you for being my chairs....

  13. Those chairs are the Bomb! I put my grandparents' big tufted leather wing-chair in a corner of my dining room. My husband doesn't use it but one of the 17 year-old boys uses it for 'private' phone conversations.
    Happy Thnksgiving.

  14. Love the pink velvet...to die for, yeah. And ditto on the pillows too!

  15. Love love love the chairs. xx

  16. um..how did I miss this? the chairs are SO RIGHT for your living room.
    ps, gotta love a man who can reference the golden girls, even if at the expense of your beautiful chairs!


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