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November 16, 2012

traveling in style

Thanks again for all the sweet words this week my dears.  Nice to keep it real on here.  I'm going to take a break from the heavy stuff today because Mama is OFF!
That's right, I'm heading down to Charleston by myself this morning for some much needed R&R with the ladies this weekend.  After reading yesterday's post you know how ready I am for this trip!  I'm sure there will be some pictures surfacing of the various shenanigans but I've made my loves promise no instagramming after 9pm.  This lady can't guarantee the fake eyelashes won't come unglued after two cocktails ;)

Hope everyone else has a fab weekend too!


  1. I gotta catch up.....either way.....nothing like a girls trip.....high on my list of favorite things to do!

  2. Have fun! I SO need one too! Hope you purchased enough 2% yogurt for the fam before you left! ;)

  3. I am going to be in Charleston this weekend!

  4. OOOOhhhh I hope that you have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Enjoy your weekend Julia!

  6. I love Charleston! Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Have a great time! And I loved reading you and your husband's story! It was so refreshing to read about the real ins and outs that get into meeting the right person, getting married, and starting a family!

  8. Hope you had a great weekend!

    I had to smile when I saw the picture you chose. When I was a newlywed, my husband bought a vintage Mercedes EXACTLY like that one. He drove it for years till someone totaled it in a hit and run. Then we took the insurance money and bought another used Mercedes that looked like Angela Channing's car on "Falcon Crest." Very Eighties. But the convertible was such a fun car, and it was that exact color! My husband wanted it so bad that I took what was left of my college money and put the down payment on it. Lots of fun times in that car!

  9. "No instagramming after 9 p.m." made me almost laugh out loud. Hope you had a good weekend!

  10. I hope your weekend here in Charleston was wonderful. I'm sad for you that we had such HORRIBLE weather this weekend. Sunday was like a terrential down pour, all day!

    On another note, I've loved this "getting personal" posts! So much inspiration for a new blogger :)

    Keep doing what you're doing- I love it. I am checking out your friend's blogs now!



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