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November 4, 2012

What I'm loving lately

Most definitely not the time change.  Clearly not invented by anyone with babies or small children.  Hello 5:20am!  I did somehow convince them both that it was the middle of the night and lured another quiet hour out of them.

So in an effort to perk me up, here are some things I'm loving lately, aside from coffee.

 Beautiful Baubles 

Washed Linen Bedding




  1. haha that ecard is so true... my boyfriend and I debated for atleast 15 minutes this morning about what time it was!

  2. I just can't keep up. It wasn't until I woke up today that I realized I set my clocks forward rather than back. And I know its spring forward, fall back!

  3. The time change has completely thrown me off. I was ready for dinner at 4pm....Gets dark so early. Love that glitzy necklace. That would be fun for a holiday party or even with jeans and a sweater. Hope you had a nice weekend Julia.


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