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White Biscuits

November 28, 2012

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas...in bed.
Splattered with shades of greige and rich warm wood tones.
Call me old fashioned, call me old school or just call me plain old, but new bedding is at the top of my Christmas list this year.  It's a step above underpants and socks at least.
Where do you buy your bed linens?  I want your secrets.  Who makes duvets that hold up in the wash?  Sheets that don't need to be ironed?  Pillow inserts you'd never buy again because after two weeks they are really crap.  Spill it.

I wasn't kidding.
I want the love or hate details on non dry-cleaned or ironed buttered up biscuits*

What kind of mattress do you have?
What brand are your sheets?  What color?
On top...comforter, quilt, or duvet?
Where did you find your inserts?
Where did you buy your duvet and shams?
How many pillows do you top it off with?
Euros, standards, sleeping.


*Bailey says we should call them that.  And she's funny.  Like real funny.  So her word goes.

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  1. Imi laughing at the biscuits. You trip me out. I have a couple Hotel Brand Duvets that I snagged at Homegoods that hold up really well. Their sheets are actually pretty good too. Otherwise I have found Ralph Lauren makes good bed sheets- and who the heck has time to iron sheets I never do that?? Just pop them in the dryer for a fluff! I will be checking back on responses because I want some new bedding in our Master!

  2. GREAT BLOG! i love my Matouk bedding from Fraiche! i always go to tuesday morning to buy sheets and pillows-they have some super high thread count sheets for cheap! i always have a white duvet at the foot of the bed and i just buy a cheapo duvet at bed bath and beyond with one of my 20% off coupons. down comforters either from tuesday morning of tj maxx-you gotta do a follow up blog on your findings!!

  3. I love my crisp white monogrammed sheets from Pottery Barn with the embroidered line trim, but they are admittedly wrinkled all the time. I actually love the sheets I got at Costco which are the Royal line I believe- they are wrinkle-free, buttery and soft. These bedrooms are so dreamy. I would love a fireplace in mine. I notice the cool 'statement' light fixtures in all these rooms- love it

  4. I love Lands End sateen sheets...never iron them, just remove from the dryer just short of dry and smooth out. Great quality sheets and they feel so good! We have a duvet but don't use it anymore (too warm). Now we have a blanket and a white quilt on top of the sheet and it's perfect. Can't help you with the mattress - ours is old and need replacing so I will be checking back to see what other readers recommend.

  5. Right now I am loving my White Peacock Ally flannel sheets from Tuesday Morning. I've had them about three years now, and they are divine. I'm also looking for some good cotton sheets and duvet - so please let us know what you find. I found a pretty white matlasse (sp?) at Belks (LAMONT Home king coverlet) that I love and the price was right plus I can wash it and it still looks great.

  6. I second the Ralph Lauren sheets. We even have them in our vacation house, and guests love them. But they do wrinkle. Still, his pillowcases are wonderful and silkly soft. You can find them sometimes at Marshall's or Home Goods as was mentioned. I always try to feel the material and test it for softness. I found some sheets recently at Target that I love. I'll see if I can remember the brand. I was suprirsed, too, because they were inexpensive, and they feel wonderfully soft.

    As far as covers, I tend to use a white Matelesse (sp) spread in addition to a comforter or quilts at the foot of the bed for extra warmth, depending on the room.

    As far as pillows, too many on the bed will end up piled on the chair or falling on the floor when you take them off to sleep. I love Euro size for reading in bed (and I would imagine that would help keep your head off an upholstered headboard, saving the upholstery from wear). I also use two standard size (or king if you have a king bed) each. I have to have two to sleep. I find that decorative pillows can work, but they can also be cluttery. if you make your bed every day, they are fine. It just depends on you and what you want. If you are trying to pop some color into a neutral scheme they work well, but try to find a place in the closet for them to go at night. In terms of designers, I think Phoebe Howard has some of the most luxurious looking beds. Whereas Mario Buatta was the the king of the luxurious bed back in the day. But that's a whole different look.

    Hope this helps.

  7. I have some sheets from Target that have held up so well and have a pretty detail along the top that I fold over to show. They are very soft and don't need ironing. They were about $50 I think for the set.

    I got my bedspread and shams at Home Goods and I looked all over for a reasonably priced on year ago but now it is worn out and I am also in the market for something new.

  8. Oh and as for the mattress. We have the most awful mattress from my husband's college days. We bought a pillow top mattress topper from Amazon.com for less than $100. So much more comfortable and much cheaper than a new mattress.

  9. P.S. Our matress is a Stearns and Foster. Love it! The mattresses on most of our beds are custom made locally because the beds are antique and require a special size. But that Stearns and Foster is the best matress I've ever owned. It's pricey, but worth it for a great night's sleep.

  10. I love Peacock Ally from Tuesday Morning! Also, I love Pottery Barn sheets. My friend just bought some 400 count Threshold {Target} sheets and she LOVES them! I am def. an all-white bedding lover.

    I remember when I was a senior in high school & my granny gave me some fancy matlissee (sp) with pillow shams and I wanted to cry! She always gave me "you will appreciate this gift when you are older-gifts!" I guess that is why I have an explosion of Sterling silver (it used to make me soo mad)! What high school kid wants that stuff! Ha! NOW my matlissee (sp) is a treasured item from my granny!

  11. We have white Marshalls sheets that are so so soft..not sure the brand, our duvet is Restoration hardware as are our 2 king shams. I have a beige matlasse coverlet and 2 king shams that are also on the bed. The dang restoration hardware duvet never looks fluffy and I asked the ladies in the store and that is because they stuff them with 2 down comforters. CHEATING!!! My husband is allergic to down (fail) so we have to buy fake down from overstock and it sucks balls. My pillow is a chillow and it rocks because it is always cold to my hot hungover face.

  12. There are few things I love more than bedding. But my bedding taste far outweighs my bedding budget. So until then, I have had really good luck with Pottery Barn and Garnet Hill sheets. Soft but they stay crisp and look great. There are really great comforters at IKEA (surprise). We also have several blankets from Restoration Hardware that we got about 10 years ago and still look great. Some of Bailey's bedding is on my Christmas list this year as well. Dying to try.

  13. We got our linen duvet from Restoration Hardware during one of their holiday sales. It has held up great. I always go with sheets from Home Goods because it is such a great buy.

  14. I did a post on white bedding a couple of weeks ago and fell in love with every picture I found! I think it looks so crisp and clean... love it.



  15. Upon entering the "real world" I was told to invest in my bed since sleep is so important when getting used to life after college/grad school. Well, it's always important but here goes:

    -Simmons Bueatyrest mattress. This was worth the investment.
    -Charter Club (premium?) sheets from Macy's. They were around $80 I think and are very soft and hold up.
    -White duvet cover from Ikea. It has some textured lines so it never has to be ironed and always looks okay. Easy to wash.
    -Duvet insert, Euro pillows from Macy's back in the college days.
    -Euro pillow covers from Etsy.

    I have had the worst experience with pillow inserts. I bought some cheapo Charter Club inserts from Macy's ($40/both on sale) and they were HORRIBLE after 4 months. During another sale I bought down fill inserts that were buy one get one free and worth the initial investment. I'll never "skimp" on pillows again.

    I have also found RL sheets at Homegoods. Grew up using RL sheets and they really are so soft as mentioned in the above posts.

  16. Ralph Lauren sheets on a Tempurpedic mattress. Perfection.

  17. Check out the Pine Cone Hill bedding! It's my fave! :) and relatively affordable!

  18. I don't know which one I would pick - they are all gorgeous!

  19. they're all stunning. I need one of these rooms ASAP.

  20. White Egyptian Cotton Sheets (BB&B), Silvery-White Coverlet (TJMaxx), White Down Comforter (a White Duvet is needed to be bought for it)... I LOVE white Bedding.. always have always will. :0)

    Euro Pillows with ikat covers I made for them (I want to have White Euros with Monogramming)

    3 other decorative colorful pillows -I use during Spring/Summer

    See here

  21. Love my Serena and Lily Duvet. Holds up well in the wash and its super soft.

    Etsy is great for throw pillows. There is a shop called Pillowtalkandmore that I love.

  22. I am going to keep coming back to this post to read all the responses because I want to know all the questions you asked! I tend to go for percale over sateen sheets. I like the crispness of the percale but the thread count has to be high enough so they don't feel scratchy. Sateen sometimes feels too slippery for me. Recently I bought some Martha Stewart sheets from Macys in percale. They are pretty comfortable but they were supposed to be wrinkle resistant and they are absolutely NOT wrinkle resistant. I have been pretty happy with Wamsutta from Bed Bath and Beyond and years ago I had some Calvin Klein sheets that were as soft as butter. I have yet to find sheets I love as much as those. I have slept on Frette linens in hotels before and they are really nice but very expensive. Hope that helps!

  23. I'm seriously obsessed with my bed. It's all from Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Couture and it's like a giant cloud! It is all white from head to toe. I use a flat and fitted sheet, with a duvet on top. On XXL body pillow and two regular down pillows. They don't looked pressed and perfect if that is the look your are going for, but look lived in and comfy.

  24. THANK YOU FOR ASKING THIS!!! I can't contribute, but I'll be reading every last response!

  25. I'm loving all of these rooms! I have the worst mattress since I'm in college, but I have the most comfortable memory foam topper!

  26. I love love love Hillcrest brand sheets that you can always find at TJ Maxx. We have nice, expensive sets of sheets, but we still prefer the Hillcrest ones - SO soft and they hold up really well after a million washes. We have a Pottery Barn duvet that we got as a wedding present almost 3 years ago and we have really loved it. Can't wait to see what everyone else loves!

  27. Ralph Lauren or Calvin Klien sheets from Homegoods
    Serena & Lily Bedding never disappoints
    Matelasse' from Lands End ( spread rather than coverlet) allows for dryer shrinkage
    Serta mattress from Sam's club ( king)
    All tried and true picks:))))

  28. Organic cotton sheets from West Elm. They are the softest and come out of the dryer with almost no wrinkles. Every duvet cover I've bought from PBS has held up wonderfully.


  30. Love the inspiration photos ... I too have an all white bed from quilt to tufted headboard and white drapes and white plantation shutters behind the bed (concealing a wonky off-centered window, I created a bed wall where there wasn't one). I've been very pleased with the Kirkland (Costco) high thread count sheets (really no iron, very silky feel, hold up well) and the "house brand high thread count sheets" (think it is called Amadaues from QVC, really great price). There are two, very different, mattresses that I love; the Westin hotel Heavenly Mattress (available for purchase through Westin and used to be through Nordstroms too) and the Sleep Number mattress. I debated between the two when we replaced our mattress 2 years ago. We "lived" at the Westin for 6 weeks while our house was restored post-fire and that mattress was wonderful, heavenly actually :) We purchased the Sleep Number though because of the adjustability (super soft to super firm) for both sleepers and because it was very lightweight (filled with air) and easy to move for cleaning, making the bed, or rearranging furniture, and because it never "breaks down" and has sag spots where you sleep ... worth a store visit if you've never actually tried one. Happy shopping!

  31. love the inspiration photos! I find neutral toned bedrooms so relaxing!

  32. Wamsutta sheets from BB and B are super soft. I have the white on white stripe ones and they are great. Has had them about two years and still going strong. Our duvet and pillow inserts are all from PB and so is our duvet cover but it's not white. . . My cavalier is a tricolor and I would have black hair everywhere if I did all white, although I do love it! I am OCD when it comes to sheets and towels, I only use all white ones!

  33. These beds look so dreamy!! I've actually pinned a few of them recently!

  34. Nothing is better that a beautiful cream bedroom......the 10th image has been my favorite forever!!

  35. Stearns and Foster pillowtop mattress, Sferra sheets from Tuesday morning if you find them, Ikea has amazing down inserts for all shapes, for sleeping I like a foam pillow from BB & B. For affordable luxury our Hotel brand sheets from Macy's look incredibly chic and don't seem to wrinkle badly because they are so thick.
    My friend's bedding is always to die for and when I ask her it's always "PB or RL sheets I've had forever" so maybe the washing over time adds to the softness.
    This is a fun topic! I don't think any bed at home can ever feel as lux as a hotel bed unless we use those big, professional irons. Oh well! : )

    p.s. absolutely can't sleep with a top sheet, must have only fitted sheet and duvet.

  36. I love a white bed! I love the Sferra bedding that I can get for less from Tuesday Morning. I also have found that %100 Supima cotton is the best and softest. Better than Egyptian cotton and thread count doesn't matter. I found a plain white Supima cotton duvet cover that I use on my bed and Bed, Bath & Beyond and I love it.

  37. #10 and #13 are both The Archie Bed from Plum Furniture www.myplumdesign.com rooms designed by Colleen McGill of McGill Design Group www.mcgilldesign.ca

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