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December 19, 2012

Black Interior Door and Randoms

So I realized I owed y'all an update on the black interior door.  I snapped these pictures before I had painted out the trim on the inside of the windows so that's been finished since.  Just disregard that along with the lack of cleaning up or styling,  Keeping it real, right?!
You might also notice a little change in the entry wall.  I'll chat more about that another day.  Also, finally hung some pictures of the babes in between the windows.
 And our sweet fake Christmas tree.
 I started on the Christmas decorating on our mantle which lead me to take every single item and paint the backs....white.  Surprised?  I'll fill you in on that later too.
 Christmas shopping, and running errands in general, has been quite interesting with these two love-bugs in tow.  Wells loooooooooves Santa, Chrismas trees, and toys.  Yeah, so that's helpful on trips to Target.
 And of course we had a trip to meet the Legendary Santa.  Wells was pretty pumped about all the giant stuffed animals keeping her entertained while we waited in line.
 But the actual Santa, not so much.  Sweet girl managed to hold it together long enough for a picture and then pretty much lost her shit.  Afterwards she kept telling everyone "I can't like to see Santa.  But I like him to bring me presents.  Okay."  Nice Wells.  Real nice.
 Tagg is much more go with the flow with his Christmas Spirit.
 I'm loving my Mom's boxwood wreath on her front door.  She added little sand dollars she picked up in Pawleys and an adorable H ornament from Restoration Hardware to hang in the center.  Love it.
 And I kid you not when I tell you these babes make everything right in the world.  They melt my heart in a major way.  Last night Matthew was out at a VCU basketball game with some friends and I was solo for bedtime duty.  Wells climbed into bed early and asked me to turn off the lights while Tagg was still on her flooring playing.  They snuggled in Wells' bed and had their nighttime bots together snuggling on their lovies.  I had to turn the light back on to snap this picture because it was the first of it's kind.  I hope they start doing this every night.
Speaking of keeping it real, my son most definitely has on turquoise and pink jammies.  Sorry Tagg, being the second child sucks sometimes.   Please tell me this happens at your house too?



  1. That last picture melts my heart. So incredible sweet. Love the front door that has been on my to do list forever but then I get lazy- curious what paint did you use? Maybe I will tackle this over the new year. Sterling hates Santa he said "I no like Ho, Ho his beard is gross." Love what kids say!

  2. Your children are so sweet! What a great moment to capture!

  3. haha! I love he is in his sissy old pjs!! That picture of them is defiantly frame worthy! And the door looks amazing!!!

  4. Such cute and lovely kids! Love Wells' attitude towards Santa, too funny. Black doors are my favourite and I think yours looks great Julia!

  5. Eve lost her shit big time on Santa this year as well. Fine in line for a half hour and then the second I go to put her on his lap - screams. I think I permanently lost my hearing. Then 10 minutes later she sees a picture of Santa and squeals with joy. Crazy kids :)

  6. Awww that last picture is so sweet. I love what Wells said about Santa- too funny!!
    Your front door looks great! I love it!

  7. Love all the pics of your sweet babies...and love the black door!

  8. Oh, I just LOVE the black door!!! Can't wait to see more pictures!

  9. Oh girl, that is the sweetest picture there at the bottom. Love it so much, thank goodness you turned the lights back on. Love the black doors, wreath... fun post.

  10. Oh my goodness, they couldn't be any sweeter in that last photo!!! I can totally see Sam rocking some of Izzy's jammies. That's just how we roll! Your front door looks awesome in her new little black dress, and your tree is a beauty as well :)

  11. Love the door, it's so unexpected (to most!) so it adds so much to the room! Their photos are so sweet, you are brave to tackle Target with 2! And the pjs thing...well, I have a 2.5 week old and Daddy does the middle of the night feeding so if there's an accident, lord only knows what I find him in under his swaddle in the morning-whatever daddy can find at 5am!

  12. I just started reading your blog and I have to ask...what prompted you to name your daughter Wells?

    I am totally curious because it is such an unusual name here in the U.S., and that was my father's name, my grandfather's name and my great-grandfather's name. Supposedly, the origins of the name (in the case of my family) came from honoring a family friend with the last name of Wells, who was also a doctor. I was just wondering if you were possibly distantly related or if you just heard the name and liked it.

  13. Door looks fab! Love the photos of your sweet kiddos!

  14. Love the door, and the kids are precious, particularly in that last shot. Nice tree, too!


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