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December 17, 2012


I need a new handbag. I've been carrying a speedy 30 for the last five years and I'm still in love with her.  She's my everyday bag that I tote around along with my diaper bag.  The cost per wear has whittled her purchase price down to something fairly reasonable.  
I have an LL Bean large canvas tote bag full of extra supplies that I leave in the car so as Wells and Tagg get older I'm finding that I can get away with just a handbag again when we actually leave the house.  It's not necessary to keep as much "on my person" in the grocery store.  So it's time for something that suits my current needs.  Something with good interior pockets and shoulder straps.  Something more in the sturdy but pretty and big enough to hold diapers and spare leggings variety.  I've had my eyes open for a while and a very supportive husband who's cringing at the cost but happy to make it happen.  
So I gifted myself this Badgely Mischka Amber Bag that is a very strong contender for being the replacement I'm looking for.  She's gorgeous in person and has lots of good interior pockets and a front outside pocket as well.  She's definitely more of a tote to be worn on your elbow kind of bag but I can totally pull  her up over my shoulders when need be.  I know I'll never wear the attached shoulder strap.  That's just not me.
After looking around online a bit I was actually pretty pleasantly surprised to find that there are some really good attractive options in a much lower price range. And who doesn't love a new bag!

Is a handbag something you treat yourself to yearly or do you only crave investment pieces?


  1. Nothing I love more than a new purse! I bought my Gucci Tote right before Sterling was born and I can't say enough good things about it. I still love it but like you I kind of want something new. I really want a Goyard or Celine bag but Mama has to save some dough first!!

  2. My girlfriend just got one of those Marc Jacobs (I can't tell which one it is) in the taupe/stone color and I loooooved it right when I saw it! I'm a big ole Longchamp kinda girl, I just throw everything in there and wash it as needed. Someday when I don't have littles, I'll venture out again for a nice leather bag!

  3. Next to furniture bags are my biggest weakness. And I use the same argument on the hubs - they may be expensive, but I use them so much and for so long, it really ends up being cost effective. :) Love the bag with the pocket on the outside btw.

  4. I have a serious handbag obsession! I usually treat myself once a year but I try not to go overboard. Last year I got an LV for my 30th birthday- but this year I scaled way down and got a J.crew bag onsale. If I had an endless budget I would own sooo many bags :)

  5. I LOVE handbags, and have been known to cradle a beauty I find in a store like a baby. And, nothing beats that new purse smell :D I don't buy them that often though so when I do I go for an investment piece. Luckily my husband agrees that it will last longer and the cost per wear makes it affordable. Loving your pick, and the tobacco colored MK!

  6. That Badgley Mischka is beautiful! If you are looking for another option in the $300-$400 range, I have the Michael Kors Hamilton tote and I LOVE IT. I get so many compliments on it, it's sturdy and well-made, and it's roomy, too!

  7. It's so hard to choose which one is my favorite. They all look great! :)

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