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December 10, 2012

my weekend

 Thanks for the Birthday love on Friday!  Y'all sure do know how to make a girl feel young and loved!  I had a fantastic trip South Carolina with Matthew.  I'm back in Richmond today feeling thankful and refreshed!
Caycee, me, and Chassity at a little get together at one of my favorite and my best's house.

Jeans, similar blouse, necklace, similar shoes

Yes or No?
Yes I do have an instragram account, piposhblog, but I honestly never use.  No judgements against those that do.  It's just one step too many for me when I take pictures of my kids and coffee all day. 

Love it or hate it, this shizzz is funny.



  1. I have used Instagram once or twice in the past but never really got into it...until this weekend. I still don't understand it all the way but I get why everyone is in love.

  2. Same here! I now avoid FB because of all the randoms and coworkers who have friended me (nice people, just not people I want to share too much personal info with) and I just don't get twitter. But I love Instagram now, probably because you can make your pix private, it's hard to find people on there, and I only have about 10 followers - and all of them are good friends. But that video is hilarious! And dead on. :)

  3. Okay hubs and I almost woke the kids laughing at that video!! Peach pie!! Peach pie!!

  4. Hehehe!!! That video is right on. Yep, have an account and don't use it.

  5. I've watched that video 3 times and I die laughing every time. I love IG, and just roll my eyes at myself now when posting all the same pics they sing about!

    Hope you had a happy happy birthday!

  6. Happy Late birthday!!! I do not how I missed this. Looks like it was wonderful!


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