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January 31, 2012

Look for Less

Pastel skinnies


You're welcome!

Since I spent all my spring wardrobe money on the sick heidi merrick dress I needed to find some ways to scrimp on other items.

Just kidding.
Pretty sure my husband just vommed when he read that and is probably already checking our bank statement to be sure I was joking.

Actually, I've just been hesitant to spend a lot of money on any pieces for spring because while I've technically lost my baby weight my bones just aren't where they used to be.  
Note to hips:  feel free to migrate back to your old location anytime now.
And while I'm more than happy to drop upwards of $200 on denim, I just can't justify those kind of prices on pastel skinnies in a size that might not fit for long.


problems with pinterest

falling in love with dresses on pinterest
like this amazeballs pink and red colorblock dress by heidi merrick
whomp whomp
Or not

or this gorgeous floral

with no link to its source
 Does anyone know who makes this dress?

January 30, 2012

nursery sneak peek

Alright so I've got a little sneak peek of Tag's nursery for y'all today.
I can't give full on reveal pics because it's not quite finished.

Just a few more details need to be added.
Like painting or wallpapering the inside of his bookshelf and adding some of his newborn pictures into frames. I also have some custom art projects in mind to make the space more personal and help fill up some wall space.

And I have the same debacle I had in my living room in regards to my sweet little helper Wells loving to get every single blanket and outfit out of baskets and drawers for me every time she goes in there.
She also likes to handle and appreciate every single item placed on a table or shelf within her reach.  Usually by the time they both go down for a nap and I get the room tidied up to take pictures either she or Tag wakes up.

I wanted to keep things on the masculine side of neutral and only use pieces that will serve a purpose for him when he's older as well.  No baby themes or overly baby things in this room. 

I had just finished Wells' nursery in Pawleys when I had to do another one for her in Richmond because of course not all the furniture and custom window treatments worked in her new room.  And now I have to start saving up for her big girl room.  And then there was Tag's nursery.  All in less than two years.  I'm basically just bypassing the baby stage for Tag's room so a big boy room will transition even easier.

Minus ditching the cribs.  
I plan to keep my babes safely behind bars until they go to kindergarten and their friends mock them into sneaking out and into twin beds!

You might recognize the ikat pillow from my living room sneak peek.
I made those pillow covers as well as the crib skirt and roman shades.

More on that later. 
I'm going to need a glass of wine to talk about those projects.
A big glass.

I also created the three pieces of art for his room.
I wanted something modern and colorful.
I used the creeks in Pawleys Island and the beaches in Charleston where we used to live as my inspiration to bring a little of our coastal life there to him here.
check out some details on the fabric and furniture in this post here.

January 28, 2012


What bedtime used to look like

And now

Happy Weekend friends 


January 27, 2012

for laughs

So my husband informed me that he's bored with all the "numbered outfit crap" I've been posting lately and I need to step up my game and write something funny.  
Well, honey, my plate is full and I'm a bit mentally drained these days.
You know, keeping your children alive.

But I decided that since his comment didn't make me want to throw something at him, he might be right.

Enter Someecards

This made y'all laugh right?

Hair update

So I decided that I identified much more with the chick on the right in Inslee's illustration above so I took that as a sign that I keep my locks long and dark a bit longer.
Oh, and Matthew voted for long and dark too (much to my surprise) but I told him his vote only counted if he left a comment with his choice.  And then it would count twice for effort.  

January 26, 2012


So it seems every fabulous blogger out in blog land attended and blogged about alt summit.
How do you even know about these things?
And it seems enough of these stylistas were rocking the messy bun that it called for it's own shout out.
The messy brunette bun, to be exact.
{thats my girl Amanda on the right}

Which I find so amazing because that is the exact hairdo I have pretty much worn 99% of the time for the past year and a half with the help of these.

Apparently piling my long dark hair on top of my head is en vogue.

Yet I'm seriously, like for real seriously, considering this

short and blonde

Most of y'all know I had an almost 8 year addiction to highlighting that I gave up cold turkey right after I got married.  

Yup, my husband married a tall, thin, blonde and wound up with a pregnant brunette.
Good thing he loves me ;)

I'm thinking of forgoing the light color for maintenance reasons but I can't get this cut out of my head.


January 25, 2012

mom outfit

Anyone else taking advantage of the sunshine today?  
I'm venturing out of the house (for the second day in a row) before the nasty weather gets here later this week. 
 Grocery store and the park it is.
Tomorrow is ChicFilA and Target.
We rotate fun in our house.


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January 24, 2012

glam sitting room

I'm loving the glam look right now for home.

Funny because it's the one look that doesn't quite mesh with my lifestyle or my babies right now.
How do y'all combine kids with pretty things?
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January 23, 2012

pink belted dress


Did you notice the price on this awesome dress?
You're welcome!
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pink nursery

Happy Monday friends!
 Y'all might remember my girl Caycee from the photoshoot I did of her precious family here.  
Well, she was sweet enough to let us have a little sneak peek of the progress she's making in her Baby Girl's nursery.

That sweet baby girl isn't due until May and her room is already looking fabulous.
I adore all the varying shades of pink and that Moroccan pouf is amazeballs.

And check out the amazing job she just did on her son Carson's big boy room 

So excited for your expanding family Caycee!


January 20, 2012

Spring brights

I'm hibernating this winter by snuggling up to my babies in dark washable clothes but daydreaming about busting out this Spring.
If it ever gets here.
I'm so obsessed with all things bright and colorful.
How about y'all?

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January 19, 2012

my living room (Richmond) tiny sneak peek

Are y'all good at math?
I've got one for you

17 month old + 2 week old + clean room + overlapping naptime + daylight
five seconds to take a picture and upload to blogger once every few days

But I feel like I've been promising y'all some sneaky peeks at our new house in Richmond pretty much since we moved in.

I promise to show some full scale rooms pics next time that tricky equation works out in my favor again.

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January 18, 2012

sequins & fur

January resolution
Sequins & Fur
for daytime
I need my girl Katie Y. to come home from San Fran and have a lunch date so I can rock this look.
Babies in tow.

January 17, 2012


Two babies and twenty degree weather has me really ready for Spring.

How about y'all?
I am definitely going to come out of hibernation embracing all the new brights this season!

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two weeks

Happy two week Birthday Baby Tag!

So glad you finally decided to wake up.
{but not too often, okay?}
Smart little guy wakes up and needs some love every time Wells is sleeping or someone offers to take her off my hands for a bit.
Smart one.
He's already learned to snatch up that precious one on one snuggle time when he can get it.

Wells is getting sweeter and sweeter with her "Tah"
She loves to talk about him and wave at him.  She tells me he needs a bot every time he cries and runs to help me fix one.
{aka, drags me to the kitchen even if it's not meal time}

She's a bit afraid of him though and won't really go near him and says no anytime we ask if she wants to hold him or touch his toes.
This might be a good thing really.

I'm working on her so I can get a picture of them together.

January 16, 2012

color block

Loving the color block looks I've been spying on pinterest lately.
I found some options at nordstrom that are affordable and eliminate the guesswork.
I'm especially loving this first dress.
Have y'all tried this look yet?

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Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and stayed warm!

I want to give a very big thank you to Jennifer at Rambling Renovators for featuring me as one of her favorite pinners on pinterest.

I hope my husband reads this post so he knows my housekeeping that gets neglected in favor of pinning is not going unnoticed.
And quite favorably in other households.
Remember to let me know if you feature Pawleys Island Posh on your blog or site so that I can give you a shout here as well.
You can neglect your own work and spend hours following all of my pinspiration here

January 14, 2012

pretty jewelry

A few more favorite Elva Fields finds


January 13, 2012

gorgeous dining room

Holy Crap I'm in love with everything about this.
White walls with gray accents
carrera marble fireplace wall
The chandy and those lamp shades
charcoal tufted velvet wingback chairs with nailhead trim
The bar cart, bench, art, and those pillows!
Seriously amazeballs.
pin of the day

January 12, 2012

mom jeans

So I realized today that my maternity wardrobe is much more stylish and up to date than it's sad regular sized counterpart.  
Two babies in 17 months will do that I guess.
I don't have the time or money to fix that all at once.
And I really don't have the datebook to warrant such an overhaul.
Baby steps.
I'm keeping my skinny jeans and flats and going to try to freshen up with accessories.
Here's my first go at it.


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pink chevron pillow

I'd seen these gorgeous chevron pillows floating around pinterest lately and was blown away that they're from Target {but sold only in stores}
You're welcome.

So excited to see my girl Caycee picked up a pair for her family room in the tan.
Note to self, must go to Target tomorrow!

I also found a few more fabulous throw pillows while browsing their website.
The first two come in pairs are outdoor fabric.

Serious impressive considering they're all target prices.

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