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July 31, 2012

coral desk and black built-ins

Sometimes I write my posts the morning they run and sometimes I write my posts at night and set them to run automatically the next morning.   I've been really bad about that lately and it always leaves me scrambling to write something clever while feeding Tagg a bot and slinging cheerios at Wells.  Today that's just not going to happen. The clever part anyway.  I've been a busy bee lately and my sweets are both upstairs in Wells' crib snuggling.  They think I'm down here getting some milk and cheerios to bring upstairs.  I'm sneaking in a blog post too. Shh.  Don't tell.

I know it seems like I only post pictures of Tagg in a stroller or asleep so I thought I'd share a little picture I snapped of my big man on Sunday.  He was actually sitting up and only fell backwards in time for me to snap the picture.  Oh well.  Such a big boy!  
 I know it seems like I only talk about the ORC when I discuss anything other than my children on here.  Well, you're in luck because tomorrow is the big reveal. I thought I'd show a few quick pics to prove to you that I've been one busy bee this week.  And it's only Tuesday morning.  You'll have to wait until tomorrow to see anything further. But yes, the built-ins are black and the desk is glossy coral.  I'm freaking out.  It's not helping that the rest of my downstairs is a disaster to make room for everything that lived on those shelves and in that desk.  Oooooh Man.

 Like really freaking out here friends.  Someone needs to talk me off the design ledge.  For real.
I'm really hoping once I get the shelves styled and the desk suffieciently cluttered it will feel a little less BAM!  Or maybe I'll grow to LOVE the BAM!!!

July 30, 2012

Barbecue Chicken Pizza

I've got about a billion things to do today and most of them involve the one room challenge.  I don't have much time to think about anything else today much less dinner and I thought y'all might be in a similar boat.
So I thought I'd share one of my most favorite and easy recipes with you lovelies this morning.
That way you can make a quick 10 minute stop at the grocery store and have an awesome meal at home 20 minutes later.
Now that's what I call a 30 minute meal.
  Barbecue Chicken Pizza
Heat oven to 450'
Pre-made Pizza crust
Drizzle a tbsp of olive oil and spread over the crust
Spread 3 helping tbsp of Barbecue Sauce over the crust 
Sprinkle a layer of shredded Italian blend or mozzarella cheese
Top with cooked shredded Barbecue Chicken
*I use rotisserie chicken tossed with store bought Barbecue Sauce*
Add a layer of either shredded sharp cheddar or the colby/jack mix
Add thinly sliced red onion
Top with fresh cilantro
Turn oven down to 425'
Place pizza directly on the oven rack and bake for 8-11 minutes


July 28, 2012

Snow Leopard

My new obsession.  Snow Leopard fabric by Hinson & Co. 
I think it will be yours too.


July 27, 2012

Newborn Photography

It's Friday.  I've got a one room challenge to complete.  I have a million errands to run before Wells' two year check up at 11 and my sweet babies slept in this morning until 7:30.  
Even though I don't have much time I didn't want to leave you hanging so thought I would leave you with this cuteness overload to get you through til the weekend.
I can't even describe this baby without using the words cherub and angel. 
Pure preciousness! 
Kinda sorta makes me want another baby.  And then I kinda sorta realize I should be put on drugs for those thoughts.  So maybe y'all just need to have more babies that I can come photograph and snuggle!


July 26, 2012

Second Birthday & Randoms around the house

AKA:  The phone pics dump
Happy Second Birthday to my dear sweet little Buggie Wells.
You are the most clever, kind, articulate, snuggly, funny, little baby girl/big sister in the world. 
I'm going to keep it short and random this morning because I've got a balloon/beat band singalong/tea party to attend to in the next room.

Tagg sleeping through a little pool swimming
Wells taking a little milk bot break at the pool.  Her current most favorite place in the world.
 Wells is also a big fan of playing golf with her daddy.  She wanted to make sure the babies (fondly named One Baby and Two Baby) got to ride in the cart.  So sweet.

 So I'm officially a middle part convert.  It's been two weeks and I'm still loving it.  A few of you mentioned in my last hair post that you were jelly beans over my natural waves.  Don't kid yourselves, this is the work of the curling wand my friends and nothing more.  My hair is way too nappy without some heated guidance and a lot of hairspray.  I've always used my straightener to make waves, but I tell you, I'm a convert to the wand.  The style is so much better and you have tons of control over the size of the curls.  If you don't have a curling wand, go buy one now!
And just to prove it to you, here is a picture of my hair curled with my straightener the day before I bought the wand .  
 Plus it came with this creepy little three finger glove.  I mean seriously.

 Also, it seems our sweet little TWO YEAR OLD is not only into interior design, but fashion as well.  I am so proud!
 And for those of y'all yesterday who were asking where my long white table from the office went, well here she is sitting along the stairwell wall.  No judging, it still needs to be styled.  And the wonky lampshade corrected apparently as well.

Also, I'm beyond obsessed with this coral and greek key bolster pillow from Furbish.
Wells requested it for her Birthday so feel free to send her one too!

And of course I couldn't resist posting a picture of our sweet baby girl on the day we brought her home.
Two years old already.  Geeze.
Hope everyone else has a happy thursday!


July 25, 2012

Office design (one room challenge)

So it's week five of six and I decided on Sunday night to get a whole new game plan for my office.  Not just the furniture arrangement, but the color scheme as well.  It was just too much bright color for me and a mismatch of items that hadn't found a home elsewhere in our house didn't help.  I realized what I needed was some traditional elements thrown in to ground things.
And we all decided last week that coral and animal print is the way to win over any crowd.
I removed the long white table and gallery wall and replaced it with a desk from the living room.  I thought, what the the hell, why not put the computer on an actual desk and not the dining room table.  And why not put the long narrow display table on the long narrow wall in the living room under the stairs.  
Brain Science my friends.  
Then I got really crazy and figured I could actually have my whole office on this one smaller wall in the dining room.  You know put my inspiration board above my computer where I can see it.  And hang my magnetic board where I can actually reach it.
This also alleviates trying to decorate that giant wall behind the dining room table where the computer used to sit.
Annnnnnnnd, now I have a cleared off space to sit down and eat.  In the dining room.
Function my friends.  Function.
So let's take a look friends.
Of course the picture is misleading because I've photoshopped in a few projects that I've yet to tackle just to help you visualize along with me.
This time it's laziness and not fear.  I will get to those projects slowly but surely.
We love it, yes?

 So here's what we're really working with.  Not quite as amazing as what's pictured aove, but much improved though right?

And here's a refresher, the wall on the left side in the picture below is what we're working with.
And just in case you're new, below is how the space looked in the beginning of this challenge.
It's getting crazy up in here.

So as of now my office improvement list includes:
1.  organize and style bookshelves.  Every item must have an office related purpose or just be pretty to stay.  More baskets are a must.
2.  Remove molding from the ceiling above bookshelves and build in a top shelf.  Reattach molding.  Creating completely floor to ceiling built-ins.  Beg/bribe Matthew to complete this project for me.
3.  Paint said built-ins black.
4.  Paint desk coral
5.  Spray paint the bulletin board frame in gold because we all know how I feel about gold spray paint.
6.  Buy and attach leopard fabric to said bulletin board transforming it to inspiration board.
7.  Buy black shade for the lamp
8.  Find small area rug (preferably kilim or other badass persian rug) to help define the space

As always, please be sure to visit the other ladies to see what they've been up to this week in the challenge!
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July 24, 2012

Dining Room Design & Crock-Pot Recipes

I've been working with a really sweet e-client and her mom on pulling together the daughter's new house.  She has three little boys and craves a calming retreat.  She likes coastal traditional and has lots of great existing pieces!  We actually went in a whole different direction, which is common, after viewing the first board.  But I thought y'all might like to see it.

And I thought I would share a horribly embarrassing picture my girls, Erin & Lindsay from our little dinner date on Sunday.  Please disregard the creepy eyes and the sloppy look my friends.  This is exactly why you shouldn't wait until 10:30 on a Sunday night to take a picture.  Or post said pictures before you've had any coffee.  

Also for anyone who cares, I've bought a crock-pot.  I'm nervous and excited and hungry.
I spent an hour last night on pinterest looking up yummy recipes to try.  They all involve a pound of cheese so that's clearly the downside.  
So please please please fill me in on your favorite crock-pot recipes!  I'm a newbie and I need all the help I can get!


July 23, 2012

J.Crew Shorts Snowcat

Okay, call me crazy but I'm posting another outfit board with leopard shorts.  This time they're J.Crew and much more casual but no less fabulous.  I need them in my life and I thought y'all might too.
This time I paired it with mint which we all decided needs to stick around through fall.
I think you'll all be pretty excited about the price point on all of these items (except for the miu miu loafers) especially the two necklaces!

July 22, 2012

sunday funday

Grown up playdate with Erin and Lindsay.  It's only 10am and I'm already excited.
Hope the rest of y'all are enjoying your weekend, rain and all.

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