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September 29, 2012

velvet pants

I'm in need of these pretty blush velvet pants.
And the calm, peaceful, and clean-hands life that goes with them.
Even for an afternoon!
But I'm thinking these distressed jeans make more sense.
For my real life in the afternoon.
  Which I'd take any day!


September 28, 2012

Cheers to Moms

Sometimes I dread the weekend because I know I'll have three people to entertain and clean up after instead of my usual two.  
 (sorry, honey, that was a cheap shot.  You know I beyond adore you)

No really, I was just on the phone with Matthew discussing what we wanted to do tonight.
With no babysitter scheduled our prospects for getting off the couch are looking slim. 
I'm just curious, especially all of the stay-at home mom's out there, do y'all have a special routine for Fridays to make it feel different?

Fall Fashion: The Cape

The Cape:  Lust or Must?
Well there is absolutely no doubt that I love the look of a wool cape for fall.  It pretty much transforms you into a fashion superhero.  And I'm not the only one here, it's everywhere.  I won't even bother asking y'all if it's a bam or slam, because clearly it's a bam!  
But is it a must have item long term?  I need to decide if it's worth splurging to make an investment in a quality piece I'll wear forever.  Something classic enough I won't regret it in two years?  Or is it only lust?  Something to look for at H&M that's trendy and cheap and will satisfy my need for this year only?  Will it be so out in a few years that I'll be thankful I didn't jump on board at all?

Let's chat.
Do you have a cape?
Do you want one?
Do you think it's better left to super hero's and residents of NYC?


September 27, 2012

Painted Rug Party Week Two: Striped Runner

 It's a Painted Rug Party, Y'all.

Today is supposed to be my progress disclosure for my rug project.  And yes, I actually do have progress to share, not much, but some.  Products purchased, project assembled, pictures taken.  
Basically I went to a local carpet store and bought a remnant that was already cut to the right dimensions and the closest to white I could find.  It's great quality.  I'm going to have it bound only after the painting happens.  Which will be going down freehand with some Rit Dye my loves.
Call me crazy, call me balsy, call me a carpet painter.
If you squint and pretend my hallway is already painted light grey like the stairwell (hint hint honey) and not light yellow, you can really see the resemblance to the picture above.
It's going to be bananas!
Wish me luck dolls!

And don't forget to check out the other participants to see what they've created this week.


September 26, 2012

Fall Fashion: Riding Boots

Look I'm loving fall edition:  Short Dresses and Riding Boots
So I'm officially obsessed with tall riding boots worn with dresses.
Such a classic look and perfect for when it's not quite hot enough in the afternoon to pull on jeans and sweater too.
I've been eyeing these Paige Riding Boots from Frye for years but have always found a less expensive comparable option to buy instead.  But I think this year I might bite the bullet.  I don't want trendy boots, I want some that I will love for years to come.  To pull on each fall (at least in my thirties, my decade of fall) and remember it's time to pull out the blankets and go pick pumpkins.
What boots do you own?  
Do you love them?
Do you think it's worth the $388 plus tax for boots?  
*all the other colors in this style are $350 but of course the color I like is more*
Do you have a pair?  Do they last forever like they claim?


September 25, 2012

Faux Fur Throw

So I've decided that for my thirties, fall is going to be my favorite season. 
There is nothing like summer break when you're a kid and I spent my twenties in Charleston where Spring is King.  So for my thirties, I'm in Virginia where we get the best fall.  Cool mornings and evenings, warm days and chilly nights.  Changing leaves and cool breezes.  The neccesity to own lots of layers and blankets.  Translate this into my home, and this look is my jam.  I'm going to be purchasing a cozy throw to add to my favorite little spot at the end of the couch.  Last night I was curled up there reading my book and kept thinking about how much better it would be with a throw.  
A fur one, to be exact.  Faux, of course.

 So the first thing I did this morning, instead of my usual blog writing, was to scour the interwebs looking for my throw.  Ooops, I apologize to the early bird readers who missed my normal 7am roll-out.
Here are my top three finds.  I was surprised that the prices weren't quite as high as I was expecting.  The Pottery Barn throw was the most expensive at $129 but they have the most awesome gray color.  But the overstock might win me over with the lesser price tag plus free shipping.  And that white one looks mighty fine. What do you think?



 $68.99 with free shipping


September 24, 2012

Black Skinny Jeans

It's official.  I need a pair of black skinnies.  Like yesterday.  No, really.  Now that it's officially fall this new staple must enter my wardrobe asap.  They're going to replace the leggings look I got away with the last few years because I was pregnant.  I need to step it up a notch. 

One of my dear friends in Pawleys used to laugh that every time she pulled in to the parking lot at the mall her sweet toddler boy would shout, "look!  Mommy's hunt club".  Well, let me tell you sweet little Fisher, this mommy is on the hunt.
And lucky for you little ducks, I will be sharing my finds.  Much like my pink jeans adventures because the criteria are the same.  I typically love citizens of humanity or seven for all mankind for all my denim needs.  I also have Paige and J Brand that I like but don't love.  And I have heard amazing things about Rag and Bone which I might try out for dark blue denim skinnies if I could ever figure out where to go find them.  But those aren't going to work for the black jeans that will probably only last me a season with the amount of wear they'll get.

Here's the list

1.  High-waisted enough to avoid post double c-section over thirty unavoidable muffin top
2.  Enough stretch to glide over my thighs and allow for toddler and crawler manueverability
3.  Enough sturdy denim to smooth out my thighs and ass.  No lumps can show through due to high levels of spandex
4.  Under $100.  I don't really want to and just can't justify spending normal prices ($200ish) for something that will spend 99% of it's time on the floor in my living room or at a playground.
5.  Make me look like a long lean stylish Victoria Beckham lookalike while toting my babes around.

I'll be taking suggestions along the way, so who wants to help a sister out?

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