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October 31, 2012

Do you believe in magic?

 I do!
Yesterday, one of my all time favorite besties, Samantha, had her first baby.  A perfect baby girl named Estelle.  I'm over the moon in love with this baby already.  But she was born at just 26 weeks and has a long battle ahead of her.  Please pray for my friend and pray for baby Estelle.  They both need it.  I know they are being lifted up by so many right now but every happy magic thought helps.

Her husband Eric is an obstetrician and this challenging circumstance makes his job even harder right now.  Please pray for him too.  And all the mommas that he encounters in his job who's healthy pregnancies and full term babies remind him that his loves have a harder row to hoe.  But they will.  Estelle is already a strong and beautiful like her mama. 

Samantha and me back when I was blonde.

I wish these sweets didn't live so far away in Louisiana or that we had access to a private jet because I would be all over them in hugs and champagne right now.  Because my bestie had a baby!  And that deserves chocolate cake and champagne.  Lots and lots of champagne.

But on a more realistic note, I'd like to send my friend something.  Maybe a little care package to help her while the nurses and doctors care for her sweet Estelle.  It took no genius to cross off baby related items.  Not because Estelle won't be needing them, just not yet.  And baby clothes that are too big and baby blankets she can't wrap around that baby today just feels mean to send somebody.  Those will come when we celebrate Estelle's big home coming party.  And knowing my Louisiana friend, that will be some celebration!
But back to the now, what can I send my friend now?
I googled this last night, of course, and here's what I found:

Care Packages to send Mom's with babies in the NICU
Purell hand sanitizer
good lotion for her hands (after all that hand washing)
some cozy slippers
a cozy throw to use while sitting in that awful plastic hospital chair
a word search book
sweets and treats
magazines and books

So, tell me, what do YOU suggest?  Have you been in a similar situation, you or a close friend?  What made your stay more bearable?  What helped, what didn't?  I'd love your advice.


October 30, 2012

Rainy Day

Good morning lovelies.  Well, we survived the storm with just a little wind and rain here in Richmond.  No power lost.  Thank goodness.  I snuck in 11 seconds of the Today Show this morning while Wells was fumbling around with her cheerios and all my thoughts go out to those in the northeast who are without power on this cold cold day.
I have been on the search for this rainy day essential, the striped umbrella, ever since I found it on pinterest.  Today is full of rain and internet access so I'm going to keep trying to track her down.  I need her in my life.  I've included the links but so far it's leading me to a deadend because it's sold out on the website.  Which means I'm going to put Matthew on official ebay search.  Anyone else have more leads?

here via here

Fall Fashion FAvorites

Couldn't have summed it up better myself.
How's everyone holding up post storm?

October 29, 2012

Where the wild things are

Have y'all noticed how trendy this book has become lately?
It's inspiring photoshoots, costumes, diy crafts, and little boys rooms.
Possibly a certain somebody's First Birthday Party?
I can't even believe it's already time to start planning this.  But Tagg will be (officially with two g's now) 10 months old this week and it will be Thanksgiving and Christmas and then here before we know it.  I have a few other ideas floating around my head so I'm not sold on this one.  It might be better saved for when he's three and a real monster.

Also wish me luck that this crazy Sandy doesn't knock our power out.  No internets and canned ravioli could get old fast.  Real fast.  Wells will not be pleased if her shows are unavailable.
And don't forget to watch this reading with Christopher Walken.
 Seriously, funny stuff right here.


October 26, 2012

Fall Pumpkins & Saying Grace

I know it's not even halloween yet, but I'm already excited about turning all my pumpkins over to Thanksgiving.  Muted colors and metallics are much more my style than carved up jack-o-lanterns with creepy spiders crawling about.  
What about y'all, do you leave your pumpkins out past Halloween?  
I also love this idea I found on pinterest.  You place a drop cloth down as your tablecloth on Thanksgiving and use a sharpie to write down what everyone is thankful for that year.  What a fun idea to start the tradition and bring out the same cloth each year to see how the people and thankfulness multiplies.
And one more random question, does your family say grace?  We did growing up and it's something I'd like to start up in my own little family.  If so, what age did you start with your children and which prayers of grace did you say?


October 25, 2012

Dream House

There is absolutely no way I could choose my dream house.  I love the city, so I'd want an urban townhouse or loft.  But I love the country, so clearly a gorgeous old farmhouse is ideal.  And then there is the crispness of the mountains.  Yup, add in a mountain house.  And we all know my love for the water.  Okay, Okay, a beach house it is.  And then there is the traditional New England style homes that just ooze comfort and American charm.  But don't forget about french villas.  Or Tuscan...
So it's decided, I need one of everything.  
Unless I win the lottery I'm pretty sure this is my only opportunity to design those houses.  And the best part about pinterest is that you pretty much have every room ever designed at your disposal to piece together the perfect home.  So I thought I'd share with you my dream house for today.  It's just screaming for pumpkins and a traditional thanksgiving!

October 24, 2012

living room updates

Y'all are all so sweet.  Your well wishes the past few days are really appreciated.  We are all thankfully on the mend.  Now we just need to get Tagg back on track with his sleeping.  That hospital stay totally threw him off and his stomach shrunk so he can't hold as much as he did before and needs to eat much more frequently.  Of course that really stinks when he wakes up throughout the night really hungry.  Boo.
But before that nasty bug hit our house I made a few slight updates in the living room that I wanted to share.  I've taken your advice and changed up the styling on the shelving some.  It's still not really where I want it and I know painting the backs is inevitable.  It just seems like a chore I'm not ready for yet.  My black ikat pillows got moved down here to go with the new leopard pillows from arianna's shop.  Most of y'all agreed here that the more neutral pillow was the better option for the space and I agreed.  I also found that awesome faux fur pillow and throw and the gold sequins pillow at homegoods.  A sweet girl I went to high school with emailed me a picture from one of our local homegoods (yes, we're lucky ducks here with multiples of all the good stores) with a full on aisle of faux fur.  I seriously didn't make Wells take a nap that afternoon just so I could rush over and snag one up!
Of course I've already made some changes since this picture:
I removed my art from the mantel last night after reading Sherry's post here.  So I'm officially on the search for something different for fall and winter.  I need a big gaudy gold frame with an antique oil portrait.  Wouldn't that be badass?  Or a nice architectural mirror.  Keep Dreaming.
The pink pouf is already living up in Wells' room.  I'm still working on layout.  What's best for the room and what's best for my family are at odds.  Do y'all have that problem too?  I like giving my kids lots of floor space to play but that means the furniture arrangements aren't ideal for the space.  And then there is working around the tv.  We all do that too.  But you'll notice some major changes on that wall too.  I switched the table and added the starburst mirror.
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