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December 31, 2012

2013, almost

Happy New Years Eve!!!
Can you believe it my loves, we've made it to twenty-thirteen already. 

Who enjoyed Christmas Break?  I did.
I didn't intend to take a whole week off from blogging but I'm glad I did.  I needed it, clearly.
In fact, I've got a HUGE week again this week so I might just take a few more days off to enjoy my morning coffee with my family.  Plus, I have some parties to plan and execute!

New Years Eve tonight followed by Tagg's first Birthday on Thursday. 

Where on earth did last year go?

In three days I will officially have a one year old and a two year old.
That's reason enough to pop open the bubbly!

My personal highlights of 2012
1.  The birth of our son Tagg
2.  My sweet baby girl Wells turned two and blossomed into the coolest little kid ever
3.  Matthew started a new job and we settled into Richmond
4.  I discovered a love for newborn photography
5.  I survived a full year with two babies just 17 months apart.  And I did it well I think!

My blog highlights of 2012
1.  Finishing my office space for the One Room Challenge
2.  Your overwhelmingly sweet support of my personal posts like these here or here or here
3.  Your amazing encouragement for my sweet Tagg and for me after this post here
4.  Participating in the Color My World Challenge
5.  Hosting my first Art Sale and selling out in half a day.
Special Thanks
To my blog turned real life friend Natalie from Designer Bags and Dirty Diapers for being my top referral source to Pawleys Island Posh.  And to the oh-so talented Bryn Alexandra for being an oh-so close second.
But most importantly, I want to thank you sweet readers for being your awesome selves.  I'm so glad to have gotten to know so many of you this year, even on just a small level.  You make me feel normal.  You help me know that I am not alone.  So thank you.
I seriously hope you'll be back in 2013 with more sweet words or funny comments.  They rock my world.


December 21, 2012

Social Dress Shop Winner

Congratulations to Gaby from The Vault Files!  Be sure to show us all what pretty pretty party dress you select from Social Dress Shop

December 20, 2012


So let's just put it out there.  Tagg is delayed.  Physically.

And as you're probably sitting here drinking your coffee and reading blogs I'll be holding my breath during his early intervention appointment.  We've already had an in-home visit with a case worker to assess his delays and she recommend us into the program.  Today we meet with two therapists who will assess his abilities and write-up a therapy plan to get him back on track.
 Bottom line:  He's 11 months old and can't bear any weight on his legs.  Even supported.  And that's a skill he should have mastered between 4-6 months old.

It's been really hard for me to see all the babies on facebook born months after him all standing and holding onto push toys or ottomans.  Or the babies around his age who are wobbling about on two legs.  Or videos of Wells who was running around steady on her own at 11 months.   Every child is different.  Not every baby reads the book on what they should do and when, my sweet Nonnie reminds me.  I know this.  But I worry. 

But he's the got the world's best posture and his sitting up and playing skills are out of this world!  
And he has finally started to crawl this past week or so and I swear it's the most beautiful movement I've seen a body do in a long time.  He's slow and hesitant but his little legs and arms work together and he moves.  He moves!  This is a huge development for him and one that I can't wait to share with the therapists today.  Clearly they will be impressed with his improvement too!

So pray with me today that this will be a short visit with positive recommendations for a temporary installment of physical therapies and not the early warning signs of something more serious.  Because I'm a mom and I worry.

"Compare yourself only to the person you were yesterday"

And as a mom of two, especially two who are so very close together in age, I have to remind myself not to compare them.  To each other.  To strangers.  To anyone.
Because right now they are in love with each other and I never want that to change.
Merry Christmas my sweet friends!

I'm not officially signing off but I'm sure posting will be sporadic over the next week or so while I enjoy the Holidays with my family!


December 19, 2012

Black Interior Door and Randoms

So I realized I owed y'all an update on the black interior door.  I snapped these pictures before I had painted out the trim on the inside of the windows so that's been finished since.  Just disregard that along with the lack of cleaning up or styling,  Keeping it real, right?!
You might also notice a little change in the entry wall.  I'll chat more about that another day.  Also, finally hung some pictures of the babes in between the windows.
 And our sweet fake Christmas tree.
 I started on the Christmas decorating on our mantle which lead me to take every single item and paint the backs....white.  Surprised?  I'll fill you in on that later too.
 Christmas shopping, and running errands in general, has been quite interesting with these two love-bugs in tow.  Wells loooooooooves Santa, Chrismas trees, and toys.  Yeah, so that's helpful on trips to Target.
 And of course we had a trip to meet the Legendary Santa.  Wells was pretty pumped about all the giant stuffed animals keeping her entertained while we waited in line.
 But the actual Santa, not so much.  Sweet girl managed to hold it together long enough for a picture and then pretty much lost her shit.  Afterwards she kept telling everyone "I can't like to see Santa.  But I like him to bring me presents.  Okay."  Nice Wells.  Real nice.
 Tagg is much more go with the flow with his Christmas Spirit.
 I'm loving my Mom's boxwood wreath on her front door.  She added little sand dollars she picked up in Pawleys and an adorable H ornament from Restoration Hardware to hang in the center.  Love it.
 And I kid you not when I tell you these babes make everything right in the world.  They melt my heart in a major way.  Last night Matthew was out at a VCU basketball game with some friends and I was solo for bedtime duty.  Wells climbed into bed early and asked me to turn off the lights while Tagg was still on her flooring playing.  They snuggled in Wells' bed and had their nighttime bots together snuggling on their lovies.  I had to turn the light back on to snap this picture because it was the first of it's kind.  I hope they start doing this every night.
Speaking of keeping it real, my son most definitely has on turquoise and pink jammies.  Sorry Tagg, being the second child sucks sometimes.   Please tell me this happens at your house too?


December 18, 2012

Social Dress Shop Giveaway

Who wants to win a $75 credit towards a fabulous dress?

Christmas + New Years + A certain little baby boy's FIRST BIRTHDAY.  Yes, pretty sure I need a new dress to wear over the next few weeks and I thought y'all might too!  Enter social dress shop.

 Social Dress Shop is the brainchild of Charlotte, NC native Sarah Baucomlike.  And let me tell you, it's like your best friend's pinterest page.  She has great taste and did the leg work for you.  All you have to do it click through a well edited collection of designer party-pretty dresses to find the perfect one for your next occasion.

 Below are my favorites from her online boutique.  See, even I had a hard time narrowing it down.  But I thiiiiiiiiiink the first one is my top pick, the Byrdie Bow Dress.  With the Barbara Bibb Dress in black as a quick second.  I can't wait to hear about your favorites from the shop.

the giveaway will close on Friday and a winner will be announced here on the blog.

1.Visit Social Dress Shop and choose your favorites.  Leave a comment with your selections.
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5. Follow Social Dress Shop on Twitter
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7. Follow Social Dress Shop on Pinterest

December 17, 2012


I need a new handbag. I've been carrying a speedy 30 for the last five years and I'm still in love with her.  She's my everyday bag that I tote around along with my diaper bag.  The cost per wear has whittled her purchase price down to something fairly reasonable.  
I have an LL Bean large canvas tote bag full of extra supplies that I leave in the car so as Wells and Tagg get older I'm finding that I can get away with just a handbag again when we actually leave the house.  It's not necessary to keep as much "on my person" in the grocery store.  So it's time for something that suits my current needs.  Something with good interior pockets and shoulder straps.  Something more in the sturdy but pretty and big enough to hold diapers and spare leggings variety.  I've had my eyes open for a while and a very supportive husband who's cringing at the cost but happy to make it happen.  
So I gifted myself this Badgely Mischka Amber Bag that is a very strong contender for being the replacement I'm looking for.  She's gorgeous in person and has lots of good interior pockets and a front outside pocket as well.  She's definitely more of a tote to be worn on your elbow kind of bag but I can totally pull  her up over my shoulders when need be.  I know I'll never wear the attached shoulder strap.  That's just not me.
After looking around online a bit I was actually pretty pleasantly surprised to find that there are some really good attractive options in a much lower price range. And who doesn't love a new bag!

Is a handbag something you treat yourself to yearly or do you only crave investment pieces?

December 15, 2012

Put On Your Favorite Striped Sweater

And get on with the day.

Sorry for the lack of posting yesterday.  I intended to update mid-day but after the horrific tragedy it didn't seem right to chat about Christmas gifts or how my black front interior door turned out.  I've always been up for a good cry but Motherhood has changed me in a big way.  My heart literally aches at the thought of those poor mothers who will never hold their babies again.  All of them.  The ones who lost their babies yesterday.  The ones who lost them last week or will tomorrow.  I get bogged down in these sad thoughts.  I need to purge them on something reliable but not real.  Like StepMom or the latest episode of Parenthood.  Even today it feels a little strange to get up and get back to normal.  

I'm thankful it's the weekend and I have both my husband and my sweet babes to snuggle on all day long for a few days.  We're going to my parent's house later this morning to bake cookies all day with my grandmother, several aunts and lots of cousins.  Poor Tagg and my Dad will be joining the hen fest.  I'm pretty sure he'll take him into his den to chat politics.  Maybe sip on something strong.  Matthew is going to spend a few hours at my uncle's farm and then play Santa's helper. 


December 13, 2012

Wrapping Christmas Presents

Do you wrap your kids presents from Santa?
The last two years we did and it looked really nice under our tree for a few weeks but this year it's a no brainer:  NO.

Two years ago Wells was just a bitty baby and she pretty much got a check in her stocking and a few baby items all wrapped up just for her.  It was perfect.  Last year, she was 16 months old and about to be a big sister.  Everyone went all out for her and all her gifts were stylishly wrapped under the tree.  She was much more interested in unwrapping presents than opening and playing with her gifts.  
Of course.

This year is Tagg's first Christmas and he and Wells are sharing real estate under my parents tree with their cousin Graham.  The bounty will be placed in neat little piles all out in the open.
Less mess.


Christmas List for Men

Husbands, Dads, brothers, uncles, Granddads, sons, and boyfriends.
Maybe even your boss would like something off my list.
Well, I can't guarantee these are for every man but at least the picks are all Matthew approved!


December 12, 2012

Christmas List for toddlers

So I'm back today with my little round-up of gifts for toddlers.
Every item on this list has been Wells & Tagg approved so you know your own sweet babe will love it all.  Of course, I'm such a grinch and I look at this list of things and all I can think about is the mess it's going to make in my house.  Lucky for the kids, Matthew is a really good Santa and doesn't think they're ready for just a check under the tree.  Wells anyway.  She's going to be such fun on Christmas morning this year.  Pretty sure Tagg just wants the discarded wrapping paper and a check.
Have y'all wrapped up your Santa this year?


December 11, 2012

Christmas List

So I realized I never shared what's on my radar for Christmas with y'all.
See anything you like?  What's on your wish list?
I'll be back tomorrow with my top picks for the kids!


December 10, 2012

my weekend

 Thanks for the Birthday love on Friday!  Y'all sure do know how to make a girl feel young and loved!  I had a fantastic trip South Carolina with Matthew.  I'm back in Richmond today feeling thankful and refreshed!
Caycee, me, and Chassity at a little get together at one of my favorite and my best's house.

Jeans, similar blouse, necklace, similar shoes

Yes or No?
Yes I do have an instragram account, piposhblog, but I honestly never use.  No judgements against those that do.  It's just one step too many for me when I take pictures of my kids and coffee all day. 

Love it or hate it, this shizzz is funny.


December 7, 2012

Glitter, Frosting, and Balloons

Happy Birthday to me.
That's right, today is my Birthday.  
30 + 1

So I've managed to survive my first year in my thirties and I honestly say it's as great as everyone said.  You are suddenly more exempt from comparison and from caring as much about how other people view you.  I've never been so comfortable in my own skin.  It's so freeing. 
At our girls night out last month my sweet friend Anna and I discovered that her Birthday is the day after mine.  Which is really fun because our other friend Caycee's is the day before so we've got the 6th, 7th, & 8th represented so it's no wonder we all hit it off so well. 
And then Anna dropped a bomb.

"Only I think I'm a good ten years younger than you."


And the thing is, Anna is like 11.  Or twenty five.  Or something like that.
But she's clearly not ten years my junior.
She's a blogger and a mom of two.  Her youngest child happens to be older than my first.  I consider her a peer.  But age wise, she's not.  It had never crossed my mind.

I guess I've been as clueless about aging as the Real Housewives.
And it got me thinking about how I appear to others.
I'm married, I'm a mom, I'm responsible, I'm clearly not in college or fresh in my first job.
 So does that make me old?
Do y'all think of me as old?
What is old?  Surely it's a state of mind and not a number.
So clearly I'm not old. 
Just old enough not to care that awesome twenty-somethings think I'm old :)
So I plan to put on my skinny jeans and some leopard flats and celebrate being myself today!

December 6, 2012

Couples Retreat

Matthew and I are off to Pawleys Island and Charleston this weekend for lots of celebrations!
(of course that means today is laundry day)
 First, our dear friends are getting married out of the country next month and we're helping to host a fabulous send off party for them.  We haven't had a good excuse to get dressed up and see our old Pawleys friends in a while.  It's going to be good!

Second, it's my Birthday tomorrow.  I was pregnant and about to have a baby last year at 30, I had an infant at 29 and in no mood to be sipping on the bubbly, and I was pregnant at 28.  So needless to say my 30 + 1 celebration is going to last several days and several zip codes.  I'm prepared to get spoiled, ahem honey.

Third, this is the first weekend that Matthew and I have been away together in over a year and a half.  We went to Nashville for our wedding anniversary in March of 2011.  Wells wasn't moving or talking yet.  That feels like a lifetime ago.  I've been away for girls trips and he's had business trips and boys weekends and our whole family has gotten away on short trips but nothing with just the two of us alone.  Who wants to bet we spend the six hour car ride talking about our kids and what they're doing right now? 

When was the last time you got away?
Was it a family trip, with a luvah, or maybe just the gals?
What's your favorite way to celebrate on these trips?
Spas, US Weekly, and shopping or dinners, drinks, and dancing?

I plan to do a little of all of it!

December 5, 2012

Black Interior Doors

So I'm officially obsessed with black doors.  Exterior was already a given but now it's the interior doors I'm after.  I got a wild hair on Monday afternoon and started painting the interior side of our front door black.  I had hoped to show y'all a progress shot of my own front door to add in this post but I'm having trouble with getting my phone pics to upload.  
I'll do an update later if I can get it to connect!  
So black interior doors, what do you think?
So far I'm only doing the inside of our front door but I have a feeling it's going to start a domino affect around the house!

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