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Modern Traditional Dining Room

January 18, 2013

Your enthusiasm for my room design board yesterday totally rocked my day.  But we all knew that was going to cause me to look around at the rest of my house and go hmmm. 
My dining room is basically non-existent and could use a little help.  It needs a long term goal.
Nothing mind blowing or too innovative.  Just a lot of black and white and gold.  With a pop of coral because I just can't stay away.  And some Chinese Chippendale chairs.  Those set the stage.  I need to get my hands on a set asap.
Let's discuss?  If you look at the bones, it's still pretty traditional right?  Swap out the buffet or the rug and take off the table cloth and you can go in a whole new direction for cheap.  That's my ultimate goal with any room I plan from now on.  I change my mind too much to stray too far from a neutral wall and basics.

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  1. So pretty, Julia!! I love it all and wish this was my dining room! Definitely has traditional bones, and if you get tired of the coral, such an easy change! You are so talented! :)

  2. Love love love! I really want that buffet!

  3. I think traditional bones with pops of flare is totally the way to go. I think it's more practical, but also more fun. It sort of gives you the freedom to change things more often without spending a ton of money or time on it.

  4. I love it! I change my mind waaaay too much so try to buy traditional furniture and then use colors in things like pillows and curtains. Good plan!!

  5. I love the coral buffet! And you knowww I'm obsessed with those chairs, especially in black!

  6. Love it -- a great mix! I have friends in Raleigh who frequent the Richmond auction. They got some great Chinese Chippendale chairs for a ridiculously good price. Keep the boards coming. I need to start one for my dining room.

  7. the chairs and the art are my favorite elements :) and a skirted table...how fancy! would love to see this room come to life!

  8. Love it! I have a pair of bamboo chairs that I need to commit to a color and paint them all glossy, hmmmmm?

  9. I love your plan. Great bones that can be refreshed with new colors anytime you choose!
    xo Nancy

  10. I love your designs. The way you layer the images and the detail. I pinned it.

  11. Love the mix of traditional and modern-very chic!

  12. The chairs and coral buffet make the room! Can't wait to see how it turns out!


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