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March 14, 2013

Currently Obsessed: Pastels for Spring

Good Morning my loves. I'm going to keep it short and sweet today.  I've got a sick baby who's in no mood to share my attention this morning.  So I leave you with my top five this morning.  I've got pastels for Spring on my mind.  I'm checking out my paypal balance and then snagging at least one of these pretties up. Hmm...which one should it be?
  Club Monaco Adela Skirt
I love the mint color on this maxi skirt and that slit.  
Pins and Needles Peplum Top
How perfect would this tan be right now under a leather jacket or paired with leopard?  I would totally wear it over all my colored denim come warmer weather too. 
J.Crew Flower Lattice Necklace
I know there are so many versions of these rhinestone necklaces floating around but something about this original is just so striking.  Gorge my dears, gorge. 

Tibi Ponte Shift DressThis one is pricy for a white dress but it's currently 20% off and offers crazy potential.  My favorite part of this dress is the sleeves.  I'm a big fan of hiding my arms whenever possible.  They're disproportionately large and jiggle.  The simple neckline is also the most perfect blank canvas to showcase all my fun statement necklaces.

 Rachel Pally Tad Dress
Okay this is just pretty.  I think this could look really pretty on someone with really blonde hair and pale skin or a dark brunette like myself.  Such pretty detail at the top but still covers up the cleavage.  Oh, and it's a maxi.  Perfection.



  1. I want that Tibi dress but I need it to go onsale so I can afford it!! Great round up and I hope that baby gets better soon. Sick babies are so pitiful:(

  2. That mint skirt is FAB! If you are going to get one thing get that! I think I might have to snag one too :-) Kate |

  3. I'm between the top and the necklace. Hopefully this is just a 24 hour bug as sick babies make for very tired mammas. Get well soon!

    1. Tagg was just the teensiest bit cranky a few days ago so I took him to the doctor just in case and he was deemed perfectly healthy. Of course we left with every strand of baby funk available during our two hour stay. Awesome.

  4. that necklace is insane. and once my disgustingly pasty skin gets bronzed, that top is a must!

  5. J. Crew kills me..obviously! That Club Monaco skirt is so cute. Pastels are my weakness! xo

  6. Cannot pick a favorite, love everything! So tempting with that Tibi dress on sale...


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