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April 8, 2013

Top Skincare Products in your 20's & 30's

Yes, that's me.  Completely bare skin with no photoshop retouching.  I just made it black and white to cut down on the embarrassing factor.  

I'm going to start by saying that I'm not an expert.  This is 100% my completely non-compensated or sponsored opinion based solely on what's worked for me.  And I'm only 31 so I certainly don't claim to know much beyond what helped my skin get safely through my 20's.  I'm only just treading the waters in the anti-aging arena.  Every person has different skin so the same products that work for me might not be the best for you.  By far the top two factors that have helped me ward off skin damage are avoiding direct sun exposure with sunscreen and drinking lots of water.

I'm still battling sun damage from childhood and my teens.  The days of baking myself for a good tan came to a screeching halt sometime in my early twenties along with the luxury of summering with twenty of my friends and a cooler by the pool or beach.  Let's be honest, I lived in Charleston, so water season was more like April-September with a good sunburned Spring break in March to kick things off.  Before that I was a pool rat growing up in Richmond and a lifeguard so my skin was re-freckled yearly and bore its fare share of teenage skin poisoning.  I've seen such a turn-around in my sun spots and freckles since I began a good regime.

I also have bad eczema.  I get it on my face which is super awesome.  My neck is especially prone and something I've always had trouble clearing up.  I use prescriptions for that area because nothing over the counter can battle that specific issue.  My skin is sensitive and pretty dry.  It needs a lot of extra moisture added in but if I tip the balance too far I get breakouts from clogged pores.  I strive for a   clear complexion with dewy skin and no obvious sun damage or invisible pores.  Perfection.  I'm not there yet but with the right products applied underneath my make-up I'm getting there.

I've been using the Trish McEvoy line of skincare for over five years now and I'm still really happy with it.  I've used almost everything in this line at some point but have narrowed down which items I can't live without. 

  | Trish McEvoy Beauty Booster Serum | Trish McEvoy Beauty Booster Cream + SPF 30 | Trish McEvoy Even Skin Beta Hydroxy Pads | Trish McEvoy Even Skin Vitamin C Cream |

In the morning I immediately drop 2 or 3 drops of Beauty Booster Serum directly onto my forehead and cheeks and rub it in with my fingers.  The directions say to wipe it off after 15 minutes but I never do. Then I apply a few pumps of the Beauty Booster Cream SPF 30.  And most days, that's it.  This helps plump up my skin and leaves with a well-hydrated matte complexion.  If I'm going to wear make-up I just start applying it on top.

At night I wipe my make-up off with a wet washcloth.  I mentioned here that I don't really wash my face. That's because any soap that is strong enough to remove my make-up is usually too harsh and leaves my skin painfully dry and the cleansing towelettes tend to leave a residue directly on my skin.  My old boss in Charleston taught me to use a really hot washcloth instead.  She was in her 40's and had gorgeous skin.  It does the trick like you wouldn't believe.  After I've steamed my face clean I buff with a dry washcloth in a circular motion to help exfoliate.  No soaps or harsh chemicals.  How's that for green?  After that I go over my whole face with an Even Skin Beta Hydroxy Pad.  I'm cheap and these are super expensive so I tend to wipe down my neck and decolletage and then the tops of my hands if there is clean space left on the pad.  Lastly, I put rub on Even Skin Vitamin C Cream as my night cream.  That's it.

I know these products are crazy expensive but it's an area I take seriously.  Having good skin minimizes the amount of money I spend on makeup and clothes because I know I'm literally putting my best face forward.  I gain so much confidence in just being myself.  
A really great way to try out the products to see if you like them are through the Power of Skincare Collection.  While this is still a hefty investment, you'll get an idea of what items you fall in love with and which ones you can go without.

Next on my skincare agenda is getting to know BB cream.  I'll let you know what I find out.

What do you use?  Have you tried these products?  Anything out there that you swear by for your face? Do you skip this all and not use anything?  That's okay too!


  1. I have really, really dry skin and I have moisturized everyday since I was 15. At 44, I would say it helped a lot. I like using night cream during the day with separate sunscreen because it is so rich. Right now I like L'occitane products. I also like rose and jojoba oil for super softening in the winter.

  2. So funny you posted this, because I've been thinking a lot about it lately. I still use the same regime I started when I was like, um, 18... and with 30 knocking on my door later this year, I think it's time for a change. I'm going to look into these products! ps. The picture of you is gorgeous, friend!

  3. I use some products that my dermatologist had selected for me. I mean, I am 31 now.... For my bday my mother gave me some anti aging body cream. Nothing says you're getting old like your momma giving you that stuff.

  4. I'm 22 and obsessed with good skincare! I've never lived in a beachy area (just gone during the Summer) and my Mom was obsessed with slathering me with sunscreen so I'm pretty damage free so far. I'm trying to prevent future wrinkles though! I personally love Lancome's night grandma has been using it for years and has great skin! I like Origins preventative face and eye serums during the day topped with sunscreen.

  5. Great post, and lots of good intel. After I graduated college I began taking my skincare routine seriously. I, too, wear SPF every day of the year and I've noticed such a difference compared to some of my friends who don't (we're in our late 20s and those tiny lines are beginning to show up!). I've found that CeraVe AM and PM lotions work great on my skin, and are easy to find at CVS, etc. Most days I try to at least wipe off my mascara before bed, and hopefully rinse down with a mild soap like Cetaphil. I like the hot washcloth idea - I may have to try that!

  6. First time commenter, long team reader. Absolutely love your blog! Anyway, I recently started taking great care of skin as well (almost 31) with Rodan+Fields, and I loved these products so much that I became a consultant for them. Every product is amazing, especially the products that reverse sun damage and the entire antiage line. If any of you are interested, check them out here. (It's the same derms that created Proactiv)

  7. I've never tried any product of that brand but I do have a morning/night routine, I've found that Clarins products work really well, last year I bought a hydrating fluid that works miraculously, it really saved my face from getting dry this winter! I also use Estee Lauder's Advanced night repair gel every night, works pretty well ;)

  8. I love this post! Thanks so much for your tips. You have amazing skin. Maybe I will try not washing...I now use a super strong glycolic wash which leaves my skin very dry.

  9. I'm liking these tips, especially the hot washcloth one/dry washcloth one. Amazing. I'm 22, but I've noticed that one of my undereyes is much more crinkly than the other... This is the side I sleep on My main skin care product is coconut oil. It's all natural, a great moisturizer, and it prevents wrinkles. You can also cook with it (it's super healthy), bake with it, use it as a hair treatment, cuticle treatment, even deoderant. The list goes on and on.

  10. Our skin sounds a lot alike. I just started using Revitalift, hoping to see good results. I'm sensitive to most things. I also have eczema/psoriasis on the back of my I feel you on that. I may look into the Trish McEvoy line- thanks for the recommendation!

  11. ps. You look GORGE in that au naturale picture. Stunning.

  12. I love this post! I'm a semi-recent convert to the Philosophy line, and I have been floored at some of their products (I posted about ones I've tried and loved here:

    I recently purchased the peel that they have and I use it every Sunday and then slather on Bio-Oil. I never thought my skin could feel so smooth.

    I'm also 31 ... I don't mind spending a tad more for products now, because it's either that or Botox injections! Ha!

  13. Great post! I used to wash my face with face wash, until recently. Now I use a sensitive skin baby wipe, and that's all. My skin is already about a million times better. I think I'm gonna try this routine for a little bit and see if it gets even better. Thanks!! :)

  14. I'm 54 and still learning. It is so lovely for all of us to share!

    I use Epicurean, priced similarly to Trish, for most products: moisturizing cleanser, enzyme toner, sun screen, and extra rich moisturizer that I use day and night during the winter months. I use under eye cream by Cle de Peau. I will switch to a less expensive brand after the jar is empty. I regret having spent so much money on it. I also use Alba Botanica lip balm.

    I have been getting facials (~ quarterly) since I was in my early 30's. They've helped a lot! It's a little extra TLC for my skin and I always come out feeling renewed (inner glow).

    I'm now looking for a lightening serum to help with a couple of age spots. Has anyone heard of a good one?

    You are so right! Fresh skin and bright teeth make you feel and look like a million dollars!

    1. I like the Murad lightening serum, which is in their Vitamin C line.

  15. Maybelline makes the best BB Cream and it is so affordable.

  16. Yay! Thanks for posting this...I always like to see what others are using as I also have a slight skincare addiction! Although over the past few months I have tried to narrow it down to only the things that truly work! I also have sun spots...and what they thought was eczema on my neck but it actually turned out to be an allergy to nickel which is in cheaper jewelry! My fav for sun spots is Keihl's Photo-age High Potency spot works wonders!!!

  17. Since I used to work for a plastic surgeon I started using some amazing products. My favorite line is from CBI laboratories, I have very sensitive skin and these products don't irritate me at all.
    I use their, calendula cream, vitamin c serum, vitamin a serum, face wash, & micro mineral resurfacing wash.
    I use Elta MD sunscreen on my face.
    Since I no longer get my big discount I might have to look for some new products but until they run out I am using them sparingly!

  18. Thanks for the tips! I'm intrigued by the Trish McEvoy products -- definitely on my list to try. You have the most gorgeous skin!

  19. Totally trying the hot wash cloth to clean my face. I am crazy about my skin. I only use soap to wash my face in the shower and it is a mild natural cleaner by eminence. Plus I let freezing cold water run over my head face neck at the end of every shower. At first hated it, but it tightens my skin and actually gives me so much energy in the am I don't even need coffee.

    Also water and spf - couldn't agree more.

    Such good times frying ourselves on folly and sullivans.

  20. I LOVE this post. I am dying to try some Trish. I have horrid skin. I recently started using Rodan + Fields. I have pretty much have the opposite problemI am so oily. I was dealing with crazy break outs. My MIL started selling R+F. I sort of humored her and tried it out. It has been the only thing that has worked for my crazy skin. I have heard the anti aging products are great too!

  21. Your skin looks amazing friend. Love getting face recs. Honestly I buy cheap products, I need to grow up and take better care of my skin. I've heard great things about Trish. Will have to try out!

  22. Thanks for this post!! I have always been a bit scared to take a dive off the deep end into skin care products..there are just so many choices!! But right now my basic go tos are just using vaseline and a cotton ball to remove any mascara (sounds weird but it does work) and Maybellines new product Clean Express face wipes to wipe off makeup before I hit the gym. Both feel so natural and nonabrasive on my skin.


  23. You look amazing, for reals. I'm old school and use Dove bar soap to wash my face and follow up with Olay moisturizer. I'm so freaking cheap, but have got to step it up. Wrinkles are sneaking up on me quick, fast and in a hurry!

  24. nice share

  25. I am in my late 40s and have used a variety of skin care products over the years. Recently I discovered Ponds Cold Cream Cleanser. It's been around for generations, cleans deep, removes makeup (even waterproof eye products) and leaves your skin amazingly soft. It contains mineral oil and beeswax and not much else. I massage the Ponds all over my face and remove it with a warm/hot washcloth, which also gently exfoliates. Follow with a moisturizer of your choice (remember your neck). I also like the CeraVe in the am, but not so much for removing makeup. CeraVe is similar to Cetaphil, but without the parabens (a controversial ingredient). Waxelene is a natural choice to replace Vaseline (again, contains controversial ingredients).

  26. Good to know! I have used trish makeup for years but never splurged on skincare. It is on my list for after the baby gets here..

  27. I am fascinated by the hot washcloth routine with no cleanser. I've never found a cleanser that I love, although now I am using the Murad vitamin C one, which is okay. Do you use an eye make up remover? Or just water? As for my other stuff, I use a combination of Murad, Clarins, and Epicuren. I love Murad's eye cream, which is very moisturizing.

  28. And I forgot to say that you have gorgeous skin!!!

  29. I have been "steaming" the makeup off my face especially the eye make up the past few nights and I am shocked at how well it works! Thanks for the suggestion. I have been following up with my cleanser. I also have used olive oil for eye make up removal and I like the feel of that too!

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  31. I liked all the tips. Specially the one about hot washcloth. I take steam bath, it is very helpful in removing dust particles and other foreign particles out of your skin and making it appear soft. Thanks for such a useful article. I'll share it with my friends too.

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  32. Regular exercise, drinking adequate water, avoiding excess sun-exposure, cleaning, toning and moisturizing your skin daily and regularly, good hygiene practices, a healthy lifestyle (no late hours, no cigarettes, no liquor, etc.), skin exfoliation 1-3 times a week will erase wrinkles and lines, and help you look young. see what ageexperts say


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